How do you plan the growth of your business? How do you plan to increase revenue? An important step to increase your business is to create an annual growth plan. And the first step to creating an annual growth plan is setting a growth target. It may seem strange to do so at the beginning […]


Building a successful business is probably the most enjoyable dream that anyone who commits himself wishes to accomplish. Reality shows us the opposite when we see the number of companies that do not arrive safely. This observation led us to ask ourselves the question of how to build a successful business. Here are 4 rules […]


The Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP) is a growing branch that is effective in the fields of communication, learning, business, sales, healing, counselling and treatment. In sales, it has been found to produce extremely good results. When employing NLP in marketing, the personality traits of customers have to be considered. In fact, there are seven types of […]



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