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How to improve my Health, Wealth and Relationships?

Mind Mastery Excel

You will get better health, better wealth, better relationship, better business success and better happiness by unleashing the power of your mind.

How to discover my soul wisdom ?

Soul Mastery

Let’s begin a journey, a journey through the hitherto unknown and un-trodden alleys of inner self, in search of the meaning of our soul.Untold fears, indescribable sufferings, unfulfilled dreams… feel the healing for everything and drop down the emotional baggage you carry for ages by purifying your soul.

A journey towards 'becoming a perfect personality’

Advanced Mind Mastery

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How to take my Business to the next level?

Billionaire Mind Set

If you want to be a successful businessman, learn how to identify the unique opportunities to increase your wealth strategies for sustaining maximum wealth.

How to improve my Public Speaking skills?

Public Speaking and Leadership

It is an entirely transforming programme which helps you to streamline and arrange from within- your thoughts, your feelings and your approaches. “Be brave. Begin the journey to a better presentation.

Be the Master,Let the world follow you

Success Coaching and Counselling

Are you a aspiring trainer/ businessman/ mentor?

How to double my sales volume?

NLP- Sales Mastery

Integrating NLP into sales management, sales people experiences an increase in buyer satisfaction and expand in customer retention very easily.

How to find hidden talents in our children?

Global Scholar

The program aims at activating the hidden capabilities and enormous potential that exists within every child and how one can tap into this potential for extraordinary achievement.This workshop uncovers a scientific system for achieving any goal and enhances learning through powerful learning techniques.

Train the trainerin you

Trainers Training Program

You can become an excellent trainer if you are willing to learn things deeply and to find new areas of interest.

Platinum Partnership Program

Pinnacle of success with your mentor.


About Dr.P.P Vijayan

Dr. P. P Vijayan is an internationally acclaimed Mind trainer, Psychologist, Author, Success coach and Business strategist. For more than two decades, Dr. Vijayan is instrumental in spreading Mind Power across the globe.

About Dr. Jiji Vijayan

Dr. Jiji Vijayan is a renowned counsellor, psychologist, spiritual scientist, trainer, researcher and legal and Management Consultant.She facilitates people to upgrade their beliefs and to reprogramme their lives. She helps people to understand and to find their unique soul purpose in life.

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Strategic Management Consultancy Services

Business Consultancy

In these volatile economic conditions and rising customer demands, having a clear strategic vision is more important than ever. Also ,the need for proper systems and processes are extremely crucial for businesses to grow to the next level.

Lifeline Charity

Lifeline Charity

Lifeline Foundation is a charitable organization registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. It’s sole objective is to help, inspire and empower people and organizations around the world to achieve their highest vision and transform their lives for ultimate success.

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