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Written by on 3rd December 2019

How do you plan the growth of your business? How do you plan to increase revenue? An important step to increase your business is to create an annual growth plan.

And the first step to creating an annual growth plan is setting a growth target. It may seem strange to do so at the beginning of the process – if the idea is to do some growth planning, you might think that we would eventually set the goal. But no: first we set the goal and spend the rest of our time validating that goal. Here are some methods that help in the expansion of your business.


If your core business is the marketing of products surely an e-commerce site represents the sales channel that can change and increase your business because:

* You will have a 24-hour shop where you can shop at any time 7 days a week;

* It will make your products available for sale in the world and it will be like having stores everywhere;

*It will allow you to acquire new customers and increase sales; And retain your customers with targeted offers based on their purchases and tastes


The website is one of the main communication tools and is, therefore, a fundamental stage in a company’s marketing. A well-developed and structured website will allow you to:

Present your business and make products and services known;

* Strengthen brand identity on the web;

* Give your customers a point of reference where to find what they need;

* Acquire new contacts and therefore potential customers

Strategic analysis:

Strategic analysis is the process that allows identifying the elements that will be used in creating and implementing the strategy.

Benefits of Strategic analysis-

* Identify the structural elements of the company and the reference market;

* Identify the performance meters needed to evaluate the results;

*Understand the strengths and weaknesses to work on;

* Structure processes that generate constant growth.

ADV Web:

Through a Google ADV campaign, you will get immediate visibility through a custom-made advertisement that will give you the opportunity to:

* Test yourself on the first page of the search engine;

* Make your company known immediately or launch a new product;

* Intercept customers or visitors who are interested in what you are proposing;

* Independently control and decide on the campaign’s investment budget.

Public Relations:

The world of communication has evolved and will continue to do so at great speed. This is even more important in the public relations sector, which is undergoing a change of model that leads to having to renew it to offer a profile in step with the times that is no longer only in personal relationships but increasingly connected to the digital world. Reputation and online communication with your customers is what we care about. Our strategic and online communication consultancy aims to achieve your business goals.

Digital PR actions are:

* Listen, moderate, respond and stimulate your social audience and your customers  through direct interactions with your business;

* Prevent and possibly manage crises in communication on social networks

Cost Analysis:

Cost analysis is the most important aspect of management control. A company that does not carry out a correct cost analysis risks not being able to cover all the needs related to its management.

Knowing how to carry out a correct cost analysis allows you to:

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