Things prevent you from success

Written by on 30th November 2019

You set yourself big life goals. Your dreams are awesome. But do you feel like nothing works? If everything is fine with perseverance, attitude, and willpower, why have you not yet achieved success? Let’s figure it out! The main reason: you need to change your angle of view. In other words, your idea about success is completely wrong

This is not your fault. As you grew up, a limited idea of success took root in your brain. And people told you that everything that does not fit into this pattern is considered a failure. Success is not only about money, status, or even the achievement of goals. All of these are simply by-products: it is pleasant to have them, but they are not as valuable as what true success really is.

If you haven’t noticed yet: those who have achieved real success love their job. No matter how simple or complex, easy or difficult. They adore it with a burning passion.

You still use someone else’s definition of success:

Your life is not like anyone else. You have your own set of beliefs, values, goals, and your body to hold it all. You are unique. So why do you waste time using someone else’s idea of prosperity? Decide what you want, and that will be the definition of success. Forget what others think.

You are afraid to ask for help:

Don’t afraid to ask for help from others. There are people always around you to help; others know you want only if you ask them for help. The easiest way to grow is to help others grow. Only such an approach seems contradictory because you have been taught to think that there is no wealth that can be shared with everyone. If you are only interested in personal growth or think that you can succeed only in solitude, then you miss the most important thing.

Never finish growing:

Here is one of the greatest misconceptions regarding success: once you have reached your destination, you are ready for life. This is just another lie that has been spread over society for years. Even if you succeed, you can still lose everything. People who have received what they never had , do not know what to do with it. And they lose everything.

Afraid of taking responsibility:

If you are afraid of taking the responsibility associated with success you can never achieve success. The reason why people are so afraid of taking responsibility is: they do not know what will happen next. If you fail, what will others think? Or even worse: how will you cope with the arising new load if you succeed? They would rather lead a miserable life and give up their goals because they are too afraid to leave their own comfort zone. If you are going to succeed, you will have to take responsibility, and this is more difficult than making promises.


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