Why Patience Important In Our Life

Written by on 29th November 2019

When we see successful people, we focus on what is now, success, recognition, confidence, happy fortune, material wealth, we see the tip of the iceberg, but we don’t see that most of the iceberg that is hidden underwater is that inner and outer the work that was done on the road to success. And it is always there – this work, this long traversed path. Everyone has his own, and not always simple, but through victories and defeats, ups and downs, and most importantly, through the discovery and development of new facets of personality. And this path is usually long

Why Patience Important In Our Life

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Imagine how a slow speed internet makes you feel so uncomfortable. we are living a high-speed life, we need everything fast and quick. But this won’t work in the case of success. Most people give up if they didn’t find the instant result. People turn disappointed and abandon their work. Remember everything in life must first mature, and then manifest to the outside. No great thing is created instantly. Everything that is really valuable in life takes time to mature, grow and develop, and, of course, the appropriate conditions.


There is a Chinese variety of bamboo tree, once the seed is planted in the ground and patiently waiting for the sprout to appear, after that one must continuously water and nurture the sprout for the next 5 years, and only a small sprout is visible above the ground, but in the 5th year the bamboo stalk grows up several meters at once. The time and effort the farmer spends on the bamboo were utilized for building its root deep inside the soil and a huge network was formed to uplift the tremendous growth but this can’t be visible for the farmer. Imagine what would happen if the guy planted the seed got frustrated in finding no changes in the sprout and stop his work. The tree would have perished for ever, but the patience and perseverance of the man get his result.

Perhaps at the very beginning, you will seem to be standing still. In fact, just the changes at the initial stage are very slow. We do not see how a flower bud grows, but notice changes only when we compare: a bud was a week ago, and today it has opened up into a beautiful flower. As the bud grows gradually, we do not notice our own progress, and it seems to us that nothing is happening and all our efforts are in vain. But if we compare ourselves with the previous and those of the former, the result will be visible. Do not rush yourself, respect yourself, give yourself time to develop. As much as you need, remember; Everything comes in its time, always on time and never late.


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