Tips to Create Your Own Vision Board

Written by on 26th November 2019


Every engineering wonders and all man-made brilliant creations are first formed in the mind of a person; this is a nonphysical level. The idea exists only in the imagination of the person. Once this idea becomes stable there comes the next and most crucial step, which is transforming this idea into a paper. For example, the blueprint of a huge building is a perfect example of this level. From this stage, the idea regains its physical form. And later we view the blueprint as a material reality.

Similar to this blueprint; your ideas, dreams, and goals in your mind can be conceived into reality with the help of a vision board. Most of the successful people have their vision boards about their future plans and projects. You can also create a vision board to bring life to your dreams. Following are some steps which helps you to create your own vision board.

Vision board is a well-defined form of your goal. You can create a vision board in your mobile or laptop and carry with you, you can paste the vision board on your room. The main purpose of this vision board is to focus on your dreams completely, the secret formula for focus is one by ninety-nine which means if you focus on a thing then you must learn to say No to rest of ninety-nine things. Its recommended viewing vision board at least ten times a day.

By viewing vision board each time repetitive thoughts about your dreams will pass through your mind gradually this will create a strong belief in you, and automatically you will act to achieve your dream. You can create a vision board with the help of a Photoshop expert or you can do it by your self. Paste the pictures related to your dreams from google or any other sources, for example, if you want to buy a car, then go to a showroom and take a picture of you sitting inside the car and paste it on your vision board. Vision board is created according to your priorities. Target what’s most important to you, and the different areas of your life.


HealthWe are sure of one thing, you can have all the wonders of the world at your feet, it will not be worth it if your health is lacking. Happiness starts with good health. Many successful people devote a lot of their efforts to maintaining good health. If you ask people around you, health will undoubtedly be among the top 3 most important things in life with money and love. You can create the vision board with the future plans for taking care of your health by eating healthy, regular exercise and avoiding unhealthy habits.


A photo of your loved ones – with whom you want to spend time.


Relationship – You may want to revive your relationship, bring it to another level.


Family – You want to plan a family, a role model to your children, to improve your relationship with your parents.


House – Find an image of your ideal home. Be specific about this, if you want a house on the water or with a view of the mountains, find exactly what you want.


Career print a photo of your logo/brand/workplace/colleagues/ office … or whatever you want professionally, but also what that implies as a result in your life.


Studies – Is there anything you want to study or learn? Any specific skills you want to develop, for example, if you want to learn guitar paste a photo of you playing guitar.


Travel Destinations you want to visit, be it a beach, trekking or a holiday abroad.


Finance – Do you want to be financially comfortable or earn a certain amount? Be precise!


Personal Development – Affirmations of good health, wealth and positive, something you want to improve a new sense of self, new skills to learn, or new habits.


Spirituality – Where are you at this level? What are your wishes for the year? What image symbolizes your connection to something bigger?

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