Few Tips to control your negative emotions

Written by on 25th November 2019

Our life was filled with emotions; we experience many feelings in a day. Some of them are positive and others are negative. Loves, happiness, joy, peace, empathy, gratitude, etc come under positive emotions and are beneficial for our life. On the other hand, there are negative emotions which are dangerous to a person as well as people around them. Examples of negative emotions are sadness, pain, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.

We can’t avoid negative emotions completely but we can learn to prevent them from affecting our life. However, controlling one’s emotion is hard work. But with a little practice, you can get to the goal and the reward can be very big. Learning to control your emotions and express it properly can help you build better relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a healthy, happy life.

Usually, people get stuck in their painful and negative emotions. They invest a lot of energy, which only keeps them from other things, and leaves them in pain for days. By allowing yourself to be open and tolerant of your emotions, you can learn your lessons very quickly and gain strength to move forward into the future. Following are some methods to control your negative emotions.

Accept your emotion:

Accept your emotion without judging it and feel the emotion. If you feel like you are getting out of control, you need to find out what the reason behind your negative emotions. For example, often problems with dealing with anger are the consequence of something you have learned in your childhood.

Then you react in a way that you have observed with other people around you. In such cases, some people pick up and throw things to express anger. Normally, other feelings hide behind the anger. If you feel that you are being angered, then ask yourself if you are really angry or if you are just showing anger to cover up other emotions like shame, insecurity, pain, and vulnerability.

Find out what triggers painful feelings:

The origin of negative feelings is entirely a matter of the mind. We must understand who is responsible for this. It is not enough just to take a closer look at our feelings. We have to understand what’s behind it. Self-analysis is required; if you find yourself accountable, change you’re thinking patterns and attitude. If anyone causes you painful emotions regularly try to move away from them or disassociate with those people who always disappoint and humiliate you.

Replace your negative emotion with positive ones:

Always try to find the good and positive qualities in others rather than focus on negatives. Each time a negative emotion hits you consciously put some effort to let them go, don’t entertain them at any circumstances. By practising this you evacuate some of the negative energy repressed in you. By unloading the negative energy little by little, you will find peace and serenity.

You can then think clearly, new positive thoughts come up and other possibilities open to you: positive emotions give meaning to the life you live, you become more positive and constructive, you redefine new goals, you make better decisions and become more efficient and successful.


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