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Written by on 18th November 2019

It was a day when the cold shook. The teacher and the follower are walking along the beach. Strong sea breeze. Huge waves rush down the coast. After one walk, the Guru turned around and asked. “What do you think? See this shaky sea?” “Teacher, it is like my heart. The follower said openly.

calm mind

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Actually the mind is like water. There are no good ones

. Thoughts are raised by desires and fears as if the wind is raising the waves in calm waters. ” “How did  the boat get through the ocean when it’s was windy?” The follower was worried. “But you are always going through the boat in a sea of ​​fury Most people do. They just don’t know. The mind is a sea of ​​turmoil. Where thoughts sink like waves in the sea. “The Guru was eloquent.”Yes, I follow him to seek relief from the waves of my mind.”The disciple said. The Guru looked at the follower and smiled mercifully. And then continued.

The motion of the ocean will stop. If there is no wind. The mind-boggling breeze is full of thoughts, desires and fears. They dominate the mind and rule over life. Pay close attention to them. Only then will the sea of ​​your mind rest. “How’s it, guru?” Asked the Guru. “The waves will stop, but how can you count the wind?” The Guru looked at the follower and smiled mysteriously. “For man, the sea, the waves, and the winds are only in the mind.”Suppose the ocean doesn’t count for the wind. What will happen?”You mean you can calm the sea right? ” The follower asked. “Calm the ocean first, then you know. Can the real ocean calm down? If the mind is calm, you can control the world.” The Guru said firmly. Meditation is a must. It is the best way to control the mind.

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