Leadership – a mandatory skill

Written by on 3rd October 2019

Leadership is a mandatory skill even if you do not want to be a leader. This statement clearly emphasizes the importance of leadership skill. 

Some people relate leadership skill as a genetic trait. Some others conclude it as a skill or ability developed through life events and experiences especially during childhood to adulthood. 

What is leadership? Leadership is a skill or ability of an individual or a team or an organization to guide or lead another individual or team or organization for a common task or mission.

Why leadership is important? A team or organization without a leader lack co-ordination and togetherness. A leader is not just to lead a team or organization but also to guide them. A leader is accountable of all the activities of his/her team members. A leader is rewarded for the accomplishment of the common goal of the team.

Leaders are those who develop future visions for the organization or team and to motivate the organizational or team members to want to achieve the visions.

Leadership is a human factor which connects a group together as well as to motivate the group members to realize the common goal enthusiastically.  

What qualities make a good leader? A leader requires intelligence, personality and maturity. A leader needs to involve in shaping and moulding the behaviour of the team members to tackle situations towards the accomplishment of goals. 

What are the outcomes of good leadership? A good leader always initiates the action, motivates the team members, provide effective guidance to the team members, build confidence in the team members as well as in their mission and co-ordinate the team to achieve their common goal. A good leader treats the team on humanitarian terms and builds willing co-operation of the team members to work with their best of potential. 

What is the role of a leader? A leader is required at all levels of management. He/she is required for getting co-operation in the formulation of plans and policies in the top level of management. He/she is required at the middle and lower levels of management for the interpretation and execution of plans and programs framed by the top level of management.

 A leader is the representative of the organization or team. A leader needs to integrate the personal needs of the employees to organizational needs. A leader needs to attain the support of the team or organization he/she leads.  

A leader needs to be a guide in situations that demands him/her to be. A leader needs to be a philosopher according to situation with his/her experience, maturity as well as knowledge. A leader needs to be a good friend for his team members by sharing his/her feelings and opinions. 

Be a leader in all situations of life. Be responsible for all the events happen to you. Be your own supreme authority. Lead your life.

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