Psychiatry and Psychology

Written by on 20th September 2019

Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to diagnosing, preventing, and treating mental disorders. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. 

When you need the help of a psychiatrist? You need psychiatric help when you suffer from any imbalance in the hormone levels in the endocrine system. For example, a person suffering from any anxiety or depression may have adverse health issues because of it. Such a condition may get cured by proper medication. Without proper treatment, the condition may get worsen. When you need the help of a psychologist? You need the help of a psychologist when you suffer from any persisting condition because of any phobia or uncontrollable behaviour or trauma of any past event(s) or any inability you experience because of any persisting pessimistic belief in yourself caused by any past event or person. For example, when you are unable to perform the tasks of your day-to-day life even when you seem to be fully healthy, you need the help and guidance of a psychologist. 

There is an erroneous norm that those who seek psychiatric help are ‘mentally challenged’. It is not true. Even people who are known for their strong and vivacious mentality or those who seems to be extremely healthy may experience a psychiatric issue in some point in their life. When you keep the condition without proper treatment, it would persist in you and gets worsen. When you are taking proper treatment for the condition, it gets cured and you would become a survivor. In case of taking the help of a psychologist, you are receiving an external help to solve your issue. You are never becoming a weaker person because of seeking help from another person to get your personal problems solved. You are only becoming a stronger person than you have ever been by resolving your issues and making the best choices in your life ever.

Both mental and physical fitness is sufficient for the well-being of a person. You may keep your physical health at the peak. Take care of your mental health too. Be happy and healthy and a lead a meaningful life.


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