Lifeline enters a new domain with Restructuring

Written by on 10th September 2019

Lifeline is engaged in the process of a major restructuring. There will now be more focus on result-oriented programmes for the benefit of clients. To achieve results, we have to set our mind to think repeatedly about our goal. Only by this artificial method can the goal be fixed in our mind.

Realizing this fact, the founder of Lifeline Dr P P Vijayan has authored 12 books over several years. The cost involved in the effort came to around Rs 3 crore. His intention was to help people achieve their goal. To carry the message forward, a 90-day follow-up programme is planned.

In addition to the intensive two-day mind mastery programme, another two days of skill training will be given. In fact, two days are dedicated to healing and related matters and an equal period for imparting skills through e-learning modules. Advanced meditation techniques are also taught during this time so that the goal fixed firmly in the mind of the participants.

In BMS programme, at least three years’ connection with Lifeline is needed to achieve results.

Meanwhile, we have to identify the pain factor bothering the participant, correct it and also reinforce new thoughts in the mind to progress in life.

Connecting with people by phone is a difficult task these days. However, follow-up programmes of Lifeline would be effective only by connecting with participants. Moreover, Dr P P Vijayan, who is also engaged in writing books, conducts programmes only when he has sufficient time. So, 12 different ways for connecting with Dr Vijayan have been arranged to communicate effectively with the Lifeline founder.

The main advantage of connecting with Lifeline is that your goal would always be brought to the attention of your mind. You can subscribe to YouTube, apps, e-learning etc. for the purpose. You can be a Lifeline partner too. It is similar to being an Amazon partner. In fact, the same software is used by Lifeline also. This is beneficial while participating in various programmes of Lifeline and the client can even get the course fee reduced.

Similarly, WhatsApp is creating some issues these days like a large number of posts and forwards. To overcome this, Telegram can be used. In fact, there are separate links for the public, participants and trainers. A Lifeline Direct WhatsApp number is also available. A Facebook account is another means of connecting with Lifeline.

Instagram, blog and e-books authored by Dr P P Vijayan are available on Amazon. Incidentally, all the 12 books written by Dr Vijayan have been converted into e-books. The Lifeline founder also conducts podcasts and voice broadcasts to connect with clients. He is also active on Twitter and Linked In.

On the other hand, under the restructuring project of Lifeline, telemarketing would be withdrawn as it fails to create the necessary impact. Another factor that has to be remembered while dealing with Lifeline is that online payment is the safest form of money transaction.

Meanwhile, all the books by Dr P P Vijayan are being converted into interactive form and can be accessed with the QR code. An e-learning programme is also being envisaged.

In addition, the Ultimate Wealth Pack (UWP) is available, for which the bookings need to be ideally done online. A new book by Dr Vijayan which deals with 136 ways to make money through the Internet is in the pipeline. Work at home is also possible and many of Lifeline’s projects are being created this way these days. Lifeline’s ‘Happy marriage’ and ‘Super health’ packs are almost ready.

Another fact that has to be understood is that even an average youngster can be turned into a person of high stature in society by proper training. Similarly, an employee can become an employer and a housewife a businesswoman under the right guidance. A small shopkeeper can grow into the

owner of a supermarket chain the same way.

This is also how a person who has 10 per cent happiness be 90 per cent happy; a sick man achieve an athlete’s health; a man in debt transform himself into a tycoon; a pessimist an optimist; a man with bad habits a person with impeccable behaviour; a man facing defeat a winner and an unhappy woman a happy person.

Lifeline will now focus on a few clients who are determined to improve their lives and support them in their drive towards success. The message will be ‘Spending to earn more.’ Another new project to be launched is DI.

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