Law of Attraction’ and 9 other laws that turn dreams into reality

Written by on 31st August 2019

Law of Attraction’ and 9 other laws that turn dreams into reality

It is a fact that if we wish from the bottom of our hearts to achieve a goal, it would certainly come true. We will acquire the skills and attract the necessary circumstances that enable us to realize our dream. This reality sums up the ‘Law of Attraction’.

Also referred to as the ‘Law of Intention’, the topic is dealt with in the Vedas, the Holy Bible and in Islamic philosophy.

Consider the case of this youth who wishes to open a restaurant. The intense desire to launch the venture helps him find a suitable location, the required chef and other staff and the capital.

Meanwhile, his friend dreams of becoming the owner of a five-star hotel. He too succeeds in attracting the necessary people, money and other necessities required for the big project.

Now take the case of four schoolboys. One boy happens to notice a clerk working and gets interested in the job. He dreams of becoming a clerk one day. He attracts the events and people that help him attain the education and clear the tests making him a clerk.

The second boy meets a sub-inspector of police and sets that profession as his goal. He enquires about the ways he can be a police officer and soon attracts circumstances that finally land him in his dream job.

There is then the third boy. He is not as bright as the boy who wishes to be a sub-inspector. However, he has set his target higher – he wants to be an officer with the IPS (Indian Police Service). Though he knows that he has his limitations, the boy has a very deep wish. He works very hard and attracts the people who can guide him. Events that help him achieve his dream also follow. In other words, he himself has attracted those events. No wonder, the third boy subsequently becomes an IPS officer.

Then there is the fourth boy. In school, he is struck by the life and work of industrialists and wishes to be a big businessman. Naturally, his passion attracts the circumstances, people and finally the money that turn him into a billionaire.

The old tale of a boy who wishes to be an emperor can be recalled in this regard. If a youngster wants to a monarch, he can certainly become one.

In short, the Law of Attraction says that our dream attracts the circumstances, events and people that take us to our goal.

When Law of Attraction comes into play, our dominant thoughts tell us that we will certainly realize our dream. We then create a visualization of our ultimate success in our mind.

However, dreams don’t turn into reality on their own. This can be done only by resorting to action. The bridge between dream and reality is action. This thought is highlighted by another law, the ‘Law of Manifestation’. Any creation of man, a building, an aircraft or a ship had manifested in the mind of a person before being turned into reality.

Another law that helps us achieve our goals is the ‘Law of Unwavering Desire’. We may have a hundred things to do at a time. However, when we have a dream and are fully focused on turning it into reality, we concentrate on that single task that helps our cause. In other words, we ignore the other 99 possibilities or situations.

There are more laws that influence us when we earnestly work towards our target. One is the ‘Law of Delicate Balance’. It can be explained as follows:

We may dream of achieving something, but our actions would produce the contrary results. So we should modify our actions and channelize them towards reaching our target. That means we have to strike a delicate balance between the two extremes of dreaming about something and resorting to contrary action.

The next law that comes into play is the ‘Law of Magnetism’. It says that we all act like a magnet and attract all that we wish for. In case we desire great things, they would arrive. Similarly, engaging in negative thoughts can only land you in adverse situations.

In society, we have to interact with a large number of people. Suppose if we always smile at other people, they too will smile back at us. We treat them well and they treat us well.

On the other hand, if we don’t look at others at all, they too won’t give attention to us.

All of us emit our dreams, which will be reflected back to us. We need to develop the ability to synchronize this emission and reflection to realize our dream, says the ‘Law of Synchronization’.

The next is the ‘Law of Universal Influence’. It says that apart from our thoughts, even our minute actions, habits and attitudes produce results.

Meanwhile, the ‘Law of Diligent Action’ calls for hard work to achieve our dream. Action, as mentioned earlier, is the only way thought can be transformed into reality.

The ‘Law of Expectation’ also has crucial role to play in our success. We always have to expect something to happen. Even a difficult situation comes about only when we expect something to happen, says this law.

Our subconscious mind also influences us. According to the ‘Law of Reflection’, the subconscious mind reflects in our actions.

There was this man who always encountered adverse situations in daily life. A long conversation with him pointed out that he had an interest in watching negative movies repeatedly. His mind was filled with negative images and he began to attract negative events.

So delete all such mental images. Replace all mental images of conflict with those of peace.

The ‘Law of FTBA’ takes effect from then on. FTBA stands for Feeling, Thought, Belief and Action.

Be positive and joyous in thoughts, keep the mind open.

Engage in good ‘karma’ – action. Allow good inputs into the mind.

But before that, remove all the impurities from the mind and erase toxic thoughts.

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