How to become an enlightened billionaire

Written by on 30th August 2019

An enlightened billionaire is a business tycoon who has created wealth in an ideal manner. He is virtually a saint among rich people. Why did such a person decide to become a billionaire? How did he make all that money?

The second level of the Billionaire Mindset Programme discusses this aspect.

We will examine the mental blueprint of a billionaire. A person who creates such big amounts of money maintains a particular mindset. What could it be? It is something to be pondered over.

A man who has in his possession billions ensures that work is delegated. He is ‘on the work’, not ‘in the work’. The art of delegation is one of the key aspects of wealth creation.

Similarly, one has to be aware of and implement certain easy business management techniques to make big money.

One can also think about making a vision board in which the target set can be illustrated. This would give you a clear idea of how to proceed.

Seeking funds for launching and running a business is also another crucial matter.

While a businessperson is engaged in expanding his venture, he or she may have to take part in several expos. At these exhibitions, how you present yourselves creates an impression of your brand. In other words, trade expos are an ideal location to build a brand.

However, a businessperson needs to undergo inner as well as outer grooming to make a real impact that would boost his or her business.

When visiting foreign countries, a businessman from India may have to learn a particular etiquette. Businesspersons from the higher sections speak, behave and act in a certain manner. If you aim to achieve such levels in this vocation, you have to learn this mode of interaction too.

We all know that real estate is a thriving area of entrepreneurship. This is true not only in India but also abroad. But it is not simply buying a piece of land from one person and selling it to another person at a higher price and earning a profit.

Value addition can be done to the land in several ways before selling it. You can even buy land without even spending money from your own pockets. For instance, you locate a plot of land which is ideal for development. However, its owner has no knowledge of value addition. You approach him and place a proposal for selling it at a much higher price than he expects. Then you find buyers, take advance money, develop the land and help sell the plot. You earn a profit without investment.

The Billionaire Mindset Programme Level 2 deals with 10 such methods of wealth creation.

The programme also discusses how to leverage wealth. Another topic dealt with is how to multiply wealth. All billionaires adopt means to increase their wealth manifold. Suppose he has an amount of Rs one crore. He tries and succeeds in multiplying it to Rs three crore, then Rs 10 crore and so on.

Another core issue is how wealth can be retained. This can be done only by keeping a check on expenses. How money flows out is also crucial in creating wealth.

We should also be aware of the new trends in business. Business is always evolving. Following and adopting the latest technology and techniques helps a businessperson acquire a fortune as well as retain it.

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