What is our real Potential?

Written by on 7th August 2019

We often wonder what would be the real potential of our mind. In fact, the mind has unlimited powers.

Look at the big buildings, massive ships, large aircraft, wide roads, and complicated gadgets. All of them manifested in somebody’s mind and thought before turning into reality.

We need to realize that God has given each one of us the powers of creation. If God, the ultimate creator, is an ocean, we are one drop in that large water body.

We all have three levels of existence. Only if we pass through these stages can we produce results related to creation?

The first is the manifest stage. At this level, we perceive what is present in the surroundings with our senses.

The next level is the micro existence. Suppose we dream about creating a big building. Our first step would be to prepare a building plan and a drawing. These days, 3D images, virtual reality, and other advanced technological tools are available. They give us a clear idea about the building to be constructed.

The third or highest level of existence in extreme micro-level. This stage exists only in dreams, imagination and deep thought.

When the third level is achieved, the idea takes a solid form in the mind. In other words, a mind sculpture is created. This sculpture could also be turned into a permanent entity. But, before that, a miniature, 3D image, a virtual image or a drawing on a paper can be created to give the dream a more clear shape.

When such a mind sculpture is created, the resources for building the real structure would follow naturally.


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