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Written by on 22nd July 2019

Affiliate marketing is Internet-based marketing, which is based on a performance-oriented and partnership-based cooperation. In other words, companies or people make their products and services available to other people, who then have the opportunity to convey them via the Internet to receive a commission. You as the owner of a blog or a website (for example facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc) an advertising space on which you advertise the partner product or the partner service with the help of banner or a text link. When a visitor clicks on your banner or text link, it will be directed to the partner company’s website. If the prospective buyer decides to buy there, you will receive a commission.

Affiliate link

An affiliate link also called a partner link is an identifier with a special code that belongs to an affiliate program. Also, the partner company can track from which affiliate link the sale came about. At the same time, an affiliate link is a unique web address that leads to an offer on a landing page.

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Affiliate Marketing Commission Models.

How much money can you earn through affiliate marketing i.e. the amount of the commission, and the commission model varies from program to program.

I introduce you the most common commission models in affiliate marketing.

 Pay per click

This commission model is paid per click. For example, if you include advertisements on your blog and one of your visitors clicks on them, you will receive a commission. The most popular provider offering this model of billing compensation is Google Ad Sense.


Lead is a qualified prospect. The pay per lead model is not about selling something directly. Rather, it serves to get the contact details of a prospective customer or potential customer. Thus, the partner company is in a position to subsequently make an offer for a product or service that is intended to induce the prospect to buy.

Pay per Sale

Here, a commission which is paid per sale. Especially with partner programs that offer physical products via online mail-order or an online shop, the pay per sale compensation comes into play. In this case, the sales of the buyer credit you a  percentage. For you as an affiliate, this can be quite worth it! Because often a customer buys more than one product.

Simply you will get a profit when your visitor buys via your link or website. An example is the Amazon affiliate program. There you get as an affiliate a commission on the entire shopping cart of the buyer. No matter what he buys (with a few exceptions).



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