Laziness: An Enemy of Success

Written by on 19th July 2019

The laziness is probably along with the fear, one of the greatest enemies of success and taking actions. The fact is that laziness is somehow programmed in both animal and human nature. It insists us to avoid performing certain actions, movements or jobs. There are many reasons which trigger laziness some of them are given below

Causes of Laziness:

* The action will not give us a noteworthy benefit

* The work going to do will not have the recognition we want.

* The action can cause physical pain or an uncomfortable mental state.

* We do not consider ourselves sufficiently prepared to carry out this activity.

* We are not motivated enough.

It is about not consuming energy unnecessarily, but it can become a problem when it becomes a constant part of our life. Then we come to forget our expectations and ideal lifestyle and end up leading a miserable life. To combat laziness we must become aware of how we function and learn to recognize the symptoms. Laziness manifests itself in different ways:

Delays:  Also known as procrastinating where any reason is good to leave what we had to do today for another day. Normally we substitute these activities for others that, although irrelevant, are more pleasant to do. We are always waiting for the ideal conditions (energy, enthusiasm, etc.) to take place in order to carry out certain actions. Probably those conditions are never given, so postponing those actions is not a good idea.

Good intentions:  It happens when we say often that we are going to do something, but we never do it (like exercising, learning another language, etc.). Things are created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. We must take the next step. In order to create your reality, there is no substitute for taking actions.

Self – deception: We convince ourselves that we will do it as soon as we propose it. The problem comes when we never propose them. You are cheating yourself by giving petty justifications and excuses for not doing something.

Perfectionism: We avoid doing things because we want to do them well. Hoping for the time you can do them perfectly but unfortunately, that will never happen, everything is created through numerous trial and errors. Perfectionism is an illusion which prevents you from taking actions.

“Laziness is a dangerous thing; laziness will destroy you if you don’t destroy it.”




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