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Written by on 18th July 2019

Numerous individuals approaching lifeline for the guidance in life, expert advice for overcoming life obstacles, motivation and success tips. We lifeline shows great enthusiasm in treating each of our guest with all our knowledge, guidance, love and compassion. Enlightening our participants and equip them for leading a successful life has contributed a great deal of satisfaction and happiness for us. Lifeline has touching and transforming the lives of millions across the globe over a few decades. The mind to understand our fellow human being, scientific approach towards training, efficient guidance, etc is the traits of Lifeline. Our advertisers are our participants who achieve success and amazing transformation through our training programs. Lifeline is here to help you in the entire fields of life and offer solutions for all your problems. Now it’s so easy to connect with lifeline. Here are 12 different ways to connect with lifeline.

YouTube channel:

Lifeline has a YouTube channel, where motivational videos, success tips, and much useful stuff are updated regularly. Queries and Doubts we received through emails and phone calls will be answered in this channel.  Subscribe Lifeline channel to watch and stay motivated with our latest updates.

Click :https://www.youtube.com/lifelinetv


Through our E-learning method, you can learn various topics without losing the comfort of your home. Extensive subjects are divided into numerous short 10 minutes videos, and it can be learned every day from your home. This method is very useful for those who have difficulty in attending our classes or those who are in abroad. This application is useful for revising classes and achieving fast results.

Click : https://elearning.lifelinemcs.org/

Lifeline Affiliated Program:

Our latest feature is Lifeline Affiliated program, the working principle of this is similar to the Amazon-affiliated marketing. This feature will start functioning soon. Through Affiliated program, we are opening new opportunity to earn money and other attractive benefits for our participants.

Click : http://lifelinemcs.org/lifelinepartners


Our upcoming events and news will be updated on facebook regularly. Trainers will be available on facebook live , This is a better platform to enter your comments and suggestions as well as your inquiries. There will be webinar sections available for different subjects.

Click : https://www.facebook.com/drppvijayan


Lifeline keeps regular touch with our participants with the help of Whatsapp application. Join our group and you will receive daily motivation and information about our upcoming events.


Subscribing to the newsletter will give access to the latest news in lifeline. Many useful links and videos will be updated on the newsletter. You can register through the lifeline website for receiving our digital newsletter.

Lifeline Radio:

The final works of our new radio channel are going on; it will be on air soon. This radio channel will broadcast motivational speeches of various trainers 24*7. This will be a great way to find your motivation and stay positive.

In addition to all these methods, you can connect lifeline through Blogs, E-books, Books, Podcasts, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedln. Connect with a lifeline and change your life for a better tomorrow. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


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