Purification of your Mind

Written by on 10th July 2019

Our daily life, we are experiencing or creating experiences that positively or negatively affect the real purpose of our existence, our love, our passions, our energies, and our spirituality. Precisely, for the success and happiness of your life, you need to cleanse and purify your soul. Cleaning your mind can prevent you from suffering diseases, make you perform much better in your day to day activities and also make you happier since it frees you from a lot of loads, you get liberated. Here are some tips which help you to cleanse your mind from contaminations.

Cleanse your mind by forgiving:

Do not carry with anger or resentment with you. Take off that heavy backpack! Forgive yourself, Forgive others. Sometimes it’s hard to do everything right? Well, it happens to others too. We’re wrong and it’s normal. Tell words like “I forgive myself” or “I forgive this person”, I forgive and I choose to let go of this situation that has hurt my life or even my day, feeling it really, from your heart will help you to heal and release the burden, and repetitive patterns.

Spend time in nature:

The planet’s energy has many benefits; including helping regulate hormones in the body and keeping you connected to Earth, which often helps you feel more calm and confident. You must make a deep and serious effort to connect physically with our Mother Earth more often; you will see that your life will change! Also, you will be able to cleanse and purify your soul.

Be grateful:

Lao Tzu said, “gratitude is the memory of the heart.” Amazing! Right? If you are grateful, you will have fully known your heart. Now, who to thank? Thank the Universe, thank whomever you consider your Divine Creator and Life Giver, thank other people, thank your family, thank your coworkers, and thank yourself.


Meditation is one of the perfect ways to purify your mind, there are numerous varieties of meditation to choose according to your preference. The meditation helps calm the mind and guides the direction of consciousness, which favors positive emotions or thoughts, and expands the perspective of people.

Our mind was always wandering through numerous thoughts, which affects concentration and generates negative emotions; This blurs our view and it is not possible to perceive things as they really are. For that reason, it is important that you learn to experience the deepest state of your consciousness, for 15 or 20 minutes in the morning and at night. This will help you to reflect your way of acting and, above all, to think about the purposes and goals to be fulfilled each day.

Disassociate from negative energy:

Start by recognizing those people who can lower your energy. They are people who love to criticize, murmur, control, and victimize themselves at all times. If you detect them, you can protect yourself. Before exposing yourself to situations that involve a lot of stress, be cautious and disassociate yourself from those negative vibes.


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