Secrets of Successful People

Written by on 8th July 2019

The life and career of many eminent people show that the main key to success is to manage your time correctly. Why do some people manage to become world-renowned businessmen and leaders who can change the world around them, while others still cannot move from their places, despite hard work? The basic reason is successful people know the power of their subconscious mind and its language. Successful businessmen are trying to invest their time in what will provide them with new knowledge, creative solutions, and energy in the future. As a result, the time invested in you can have an excellent profit.

Successful people are not afraid to do experiment:

Each of us makes mistakes, regardless of the level of knowledge or practice. Treat them as an experience that will come in handy in the future. Success depends on the number of experiments you do. One win is worth all failed attempts.

Thomas Edison had over 50,000 failed experiments before he invented an alkaline battery. And to create the perfect incandescent bulb it took him more than 9,000 attempts. However, by the end of his life, Edison had about 1,100 patents in his account.

You can conduct experiments in your mind. For example, Einstein spent them in his mind, which helped him develop his brilliant scientific theories. And in the diaries of Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci, in addition to recordings, there are still mental maps and various sketches.

Successful people spend time reading:

Regardless of life circumstances, each of us has access to books – the favorite learning resource of Bill Gates, the richest person on earth. This is an economical and incredibly effective way to increase your level of knowledge about anything.

Winston Churchill read biographical, historical, philosophical and economic works for several hours a day. Theodore Roosevelt read one book each in the days when he was busy, and two or three books a day without work.

Mark Cuban reads more than three hours a day. Billionaire David Rubenstein reads six books a week. Elon Musk in his youth read two books daily. And Disney CEO BobIger wakes up at 4:30 every morning for the sake of reading. And the list goes on.

Reading can have numerous benefits; spend reading at least 3 pages a day. Reading motivating books can offer you fuel and inspiration to achieve your goals. Lifeline has published several great books which can motivate you every day for success. Reading will definitely create a change in your life.


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