You are the Creator of your Destiny

Written by on 6th July 2019

Each of us has tremendous power during each day of our lives. We control powerful forces but most people are completely unaware of it. Your power can create good or bad future events for you, for your friends, for your family and for all of humanity. Here’s the problem: we unconsciously create positive and negative future events that can generate life and potentially even be fatal. The realities and the victory or defeat of everyone we think about are the direct result of our control, or lack of control, of the use or abuse of our extraordinary individual powers. However, once we understand our power, we naturally tend to use it for our own good and for the common good. So take a serious look at your power and learn to use it to help yourself and everyone you love become the best you can be.

Your unconscious mind is in continuous contact with the unconscious minds of all other living people currently and perhaps with all minds on other planes at any time throughout the universe. The collective unconscious controls the omnipotent, omnipresent quantum field.

The collective subconscious does not understand “words” or languages. It only understands mental images. The mental images that you consciously or unconsciously draw (or images) on your mental screen are fully understood by the collective subconscious. In other words, your fantasies largely dictate your reality and are interpreted as the reality you want for the future. The collective subconscious is convinced that you would not spend so much time dwelling on such images if you didn’t want them to manifest in your life. Your future is largely a reflection of the most repeated images you have displayed on the screen of your mind and the images that you know about you.

The invisible is much more important than the visible. The reality we live in is mainly a material projection of our inner world. In other words, the reality we live in is the mirror of our thoughts and our convictions. A mirror of what dwells in our heart and in our brain.

The logical consequence of this profound truth is that if you really want to change your material reality you must first and foremost change your thoughts and beliefs.

You must reclaim your awareness that there is an extraordinary and magical power within you: your thoughts. Only by changing your thoughts and beliefs can you profoundly change your reality and, therefore, the quality of your life. The full awareness of this truth and your inner power represents the greatest resource you can mobilize to heal or make a difference in your relational, professional life. You have within you a weapon and a power far greater than what you have been imagined to believe.

If you really want to change your life and make your contribution to a better world you have to start with yourself, and in particular, with the awareness that inside you there is an extraordinary power: your thoughts. Your thoughts are your most powerful friends or enemies. Your thoughts represent the true source of your prison or your freedom. Your thoughts are the true source of your illness or healing. If you want to heal, you must first and foremost heal your thoughts and beliefs.


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