The Power of Mind

Written by on 26th June 2019

Mind is a powerful tool. When it becomes weak, our immunity weakens and we suffer from various diseases.

Our fate and fortune are also closely linked to the mind. Even children born of the same parents become successful or not based on how they use the mind.

When one sibling taps the immense powers of the mind, he or she will be successful in life and career. But a brother or a sister who fails to realize the potential of the mind could end up as a failure.

In fact, our mind could become filled with impurities. Bad thoughts, negative emotions and worthless talk may damage the mind. We have to remove these impurities to lead a fruitful life and turn our life and career successful.

The verse 5 in Chapter VI of Bhagavad Gita refers to these aspects. Moreover, the Holy Koran 91: 9-10 also deals with the topic.

The mind is, in fact, like a ploughed field. Sow the seeds and you can reap the fruits. However, before sowing, you have to remove the weeds. Purifying the mind is similar to weed-removal.

Man has created huge structures, big ships and aircraft. However, before these objects took shape, they were created in somebody’s mind. From the mind of the person who imagined it, the plan turned into a blueprint. From the drawing board, work at the site or factory starts. Finally, the massive creation becomes a reality,

It is said that as many as 36,000 – 60,000 thoughts pass through a person’s mind every day. Using such a large amount of information effectively can make a person rise to any heights.

In the animal world, it is the human child that takes the maximum time to grow into an adult. Animals become mature beings within a few months at the maximum. However, a human baby takes years to turn an adult.

Why is this so? It is because of the mind. The human mind takes its own time to develop fully.

A human child’s mind will be free. Parents and other seniors have to give dreams and imagination to the child in order to stimulate the brain.

However, sometimes, impurities may get deposited in the brain. These can be removed and the mind reprogrammed. With a new beginning, efforts to achieve good quality of life and a successful career can be launched. Dedication in this direction is certain to bring wealth and prosperity.


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