Role Model for Children

Written by on 26th June 2019

A child’s mind is similar to a white Canvas. All the pictures painted and draw there depends according to the nature of their parents; which is the behavior and attitude of the parents the child witnesses. The behaviors, nature, communications, and actions of parents will reflect on this canvas inside the mind of the child. This is the basic structure for the character development of a child. The future of your child solely depends upon your parenting skill which may transform them into a successful person.

The child is the most valuable asset for society as well as for the parents. So it is the responsibility of the parent to nurture their child for the betterment of the society and the glorious future of the country. The child always observes how their parents behave with each other, how they talk, how they care for each other etc. A girl always watches how her mother was behaving towards her father while a boy observes how his father behaves and treats his mother.

If a boy finds his father always abuses and humiliates his mother then it will definitely create a negative image in his subconscious minds. This unfair behavior of the father towards his mother made him think that women are inferior to men. The child gradually began to imitate this character from his father; Later in life, this perceptive affects his life and relation adversely.

Make sure you as a parent always act as a role model in front of your kids for them to learn from you. Never explode your emotions and anger in front of your children, practice self-control in the presence of children. Consider the opinions and suggestions of your children, spend time with them create an environment where the kids can discuss their problems freely and openly to their parents. This will develop a sense of confidence and security.

Always behave fairly in front of your kids, make sure your behavior was good enough for the child to follow. Children’s always copy the behavior and words of their parents. Remember these words and characters are yours so be careful when you are around your children.

Try to lead a transparent life, be honest, fair, kind and respectful. If you want to develop your Child’s future then you have to transform your life. Self improves yourself with new knowledge, participating in a training section will be helpful for learning new parenting skills. Make your life worth following for your child.



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