Vision Board is also known as a dream board, simply its a board pasted with cuttings, images, photos, drawings of your choice to help you visualize your goals. The vision board is used to give you a visualization of your projects, your dreams or your goals and objectives in the short, medium or long term. The idea is to surround yourself with images of what you want to own, places you want to visit, phrases that inspire you, people you want to meet.

To put it simply, it allows you to have your dreams and goals all the time under the eyes. Whenever you see it, imagine yourself already having it all. Try to feel the joy, the happiness of having them in your life.

The vision board is considered as a personal development tool. We can use it to create positive visualization to realize goals in the different areas of our lives. We can materialize concrete and channel our dreams, ideas, and objectives through images. This display board is alive with photos, quotes, words that arouse emotion for all the things you would like to see in your life. This method also allows programming of our subconscious through visualization. Indeed, our brain does not distinguish between the imaginary and reality. If we understand this, we know that we can put our unconscious to work for us in the manifestation of our dreams.


According to studies, 90% of the information sent to our brain is visual. The most amazing thing is that our brain responds to visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This has been studied extensively by digital communication. The brain has the ability to bond and react to visuals if emotion is linked to them. To understand this, the visual content is encoded in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. This region is the same as the one dealing with emotions. Therefore, an image related to emotion will have more impact on our subconscious or simply our learning or the recall of information.

Since the brain is a good ally for the realization of our objectives, as much to get there with the Vision board. Visualize your goals. For example, if you are planning a trip to Switzerland, then you should stick the majestic Alps Mountain in your board. In general, the vision board should spread optimism and confidence. Beautiful pictures stimulate our imagination and have a positive effect on motivation. Do not just write down things that you want to achieve. Also, visualize how you want to feel. This releases new energies. It’s best to divide your goals into private and professional. Another category can be the time-frame in which you want to realize your goals: 30-day goals, 100-day goals, and 1-year goals. So you do not lose track.


Advantages of Having a Vision Board:

  • Achieve a purpose in life
  • Practice positive visualization every day
  • Have clarity about your goals
  • Stay focused
  • Motivate yourself to reach your goal
  • Become the creator of your reality
  • Give yourself time for self-development
  • Create gratitude
  • Focus on the positive things to overcome obstacles more easily.


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