How to Overcome Addiction?

Written by on 18th June 2019

Addictions can be of many types. Usually, people relate addictions with alcohol and drugs. But they are only one among the numerous addictions. Even seemingly harmless behaviour can also lead to addiction. For instance watching television, spending time on the Internet, making money but not spending it and speaking to others for a long time are also addictions.

What leads to addictions? Some main reasons are lack of some basic human needs and the attempt to fulfill them. One among them is the need for significance. When a person feels that he is not successful in life, a thought of insignificance creeps in. Such a person could resort to drinking, which makes him feel significant. After drinking, he may gather courage to speak to everyone around and even to objects like a milestone. That gives him a feeling of significance.

All such addictions can be overcome. The ideal method is to set a goal and pursue it. When all the attention and energies are concentrated on achieving the goal, the mind will not stray away to addictions. Suppose you are travelling to Bengaluru from Kerala. You plan to reach there by 7 am. On the way, at Palakkad, you have a temptation to stop and drink. But if you do that, you would be late. So, as you are chasing a goal of reaching Bengaluru by 7 am, you don’t stop. A goal helps you defeat the addiction.

Take a look at the successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffer or M A Yusuffali. All have the same physical features as any other person on earth. But what differentiates them from others is how they use the 1.5-kg brain that is common to all. With that brain, these successful people develop some particular habits. We all can copy their habits which helped them achieve many things in life.

The problem with most people is that even though they may wish to succeed, they lack the knowledge or the path or the method that leads to success. So seek such knowledge. Ask people who are experienced. Utilize their wisdom. Obtaining guidance can change your life.


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