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Written by on 13th June 2019

Mind Mastery Excel is one of the top-rated Mind power training program conducted by Lifeline Mindcare under the guidance of world-renowned mind power trainer Dr. P. P. Vijayan. This is an extensive two-day training program with lodging facilities. In this Program, you can enlighten yourself with invaluable knowledge and training. In this program, you are learning two months worth topics only in two days using a special technique called Multi-Sensory Accelerated learning. This latest technology helps you to learn a lot of things within the minimum time limit. Many valuable topics were disclosed and trained in this program; some of them are listed below.

How to redesign your life:

For example, if you are currently working as a clerk in an office, you can redesign your mind to become a General Manager. If you are running a small business you can reprogram your mind to expand your business empire to other states and countries, finally, you are programmed enough to run a worldwide business network. In short, this training program will help to redesign your mind for a great purpose and goal. This redesign will improve your life in,




Success in every field of your life

The reason behind success and failure:

Two brothers from the same family, one become a huge success in his life and other is a total failure. Two farmers from a village having same environment and resources, one of them his productivity grows amazingly and get success in everything he does on the other hand second farmer; his crops were eaten by pesticides and flood affects his crops badly. Life becomes miserable for him.

Both are having the same positions and circumstances in their life, but why one fails and one succeed? The reason is their thoughts. The glass of daily life is half empty for one, half full for the other. As we see it, so it is for us. You see, our perception of trust depends solely on our thoughts. These can strengthen us or spoil everything. We have a choice. We ourselves are permanent judges of our life. Our thoughts dictate our life, it decides where we should reach. If you think positive about life positive things will happen to your life. However, many people carry around the baggage of negative thoughts and emotions with them and often find it difficult to develop a positive attitude. It is important to know that the happiest and successful people have learned to say goodbye to this baggage and replace it with positive thoughts.


Negative thoughts rob our energy and paralysis our willpower. They keep us in bondage, prevent our development and give us a tunnel view. A positive attitude, on the other hand, makes us more productive, gives us a sense of “everything is possible” and thus expands our horizons. It is important to mention that positive thinking is not about ignorance, but the correct handling of negative thoughts.

Through Mind Mastery Excel we are focusing on implementing positive thoughts in your subconscious mind programming.  By changing your old programming your life will change drastically. After changing your thinking pattern the only thing you have do is get ready to welcome goodness into your life.


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