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Written by on 12th June 2019

Jonathan Livingston the seagull dreamed different from his fellow seagulls. He wants to fly higher than everyone, but this determination was not accepted by his peer members. They don’t desire to watch Jonathan being a success. Because of their jealousy and ignorance, they outcast Jonathan from the group. They end every relation with him, they keep him isolated. Being In this huge pain and loneliness Jonathan still pursued his dream, he won’t let others response and behavior to create an impact on him. So in the story, we can find Jonathan succeed in his mission.

Initially, People will criticize and ignore you if you do something extraordinary than others. Every stone is thrown to someone who stands out the group .people love you if you are like them, they approve you if you are mediocre like them. If you want to achieve great things in life, sometimes it is necessary to go through some solitude seasons in your life. Nobody wants to be lonely because it’s not so nice for a social being. Loneliness – we would love to avoid this painful sense of solitude and lack of connection. But remember there is a lot of potential in it that we can take advantage of. Loneliness can be a time of self-reflection, where we can relax, plan our goals and make significant contributions to our creativity. It is the perfect time for self-analysis and transformation.



Loneliness brings you more close towards yourself:

Loneliness, like other intense emotions, such as grief or fear, can bring our attention directly into the present. Instead of avoiding this strong sense of abandonment with the help of television, phone calls, food, alcohol, or the like – we can use it as a stimulus to feel ourselves more intensely and to be close to ourselves.

 Loneliness helps you practice acceptance:

Accept all these physical and emotional sensations. Many thoughts and feelings of rejection and certain emotions will emerge – accept them as well, without blaming you for not being able to remain neutral in value. Consider solitude as an opportunity to gain acceptance and surrender to the situation. The more you can accept the feelings of loneliness, the faster you will feel better.

Loneliness reveals the real you:

Without deadline pressure, without being influenced by other people, very close to ourselves, we have the space to create something new in lonely moments: We may remember plans that we have buried forever because there was always time for implementation. Or we have new ideas and the desire to do something for ourselves Discover joy of being alone. Let the fear of loneliness go.

Realize you are not alone:

Do you sometimes feel that you are an exception to feeling lonely and lonely? All others are active and have fun, you alone sitting around at home? Do you sometimes feel that you are an exception to feeling lonely and lonely?

The opposite is the Fact! According to statistics despite having better networking and new communication options through Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp people feel lonelier. No matter how dissatisfied and miserable you feel, there are many people out there who feel exactly the same feelings. If you say, “I’m so alone and different from the others,” it’s just your mind that worries you and fools you into nonsense.

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible” – Pablo Picasso



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