How To Identify Fake Friends

Written by on 11th June 2019

People have 500 or 2000 friends on facebook, but are they real friends? Most of them, they are just contacts. Friends do not come overnight. Friendship is forged through time, affection, and shared experiences, which results in increased trust and the acceptance of the other person as it is, valuing mutually their virtues and shortcomings.

And indeed, a good friendship can last a lifetime and is an undeniable source of joy and quality of life. Friends make us feel protected and loved and give us the opportunity to experience unique adventures. A friend to whom you can share secrets and who is there when you need him in an adverse circumstance. People have good friends, mediocre friends, and fake friends. Fake friends are dangerous which you must remove them immediately or they will ruin your life. These people act like your close friend but they have other plans in their mind, here are some tips to identify them.

Appears in your good times and disappears in your bad times:

One of the easiest ways to discover a fake friendship is to note what moments in your life are they present.They show up when you are happy, good times to share your life and your fun, but disappears when you have a problem or having a bad time, it is very likely that you are facing a false friendship. Life is giving and receiving. Also in friendships. There are these people who just take advantages from you but quickly disappear when you need their help. True friends will always find a way to help you. Fake friends will always find an excuse. These people have their interests in receiving and do not care much about contributing something back. You are good enough for them, as long as you can help them and offer something.

Gossiping behind your back:

The real friend gives you his feedback whether it’s negative or positive directly into your face; He does not talk badly about you when you are not present. If you’ve noticed, your friend criticizing you from behind, he’s not brave enough to tell what he thinks about you. It’s pretty sure it’s a friend you should avoid. Friends have to respect each other. If a person criticizes you and constantly exhaust you, does not respect your opinions, emotions, etc., you are not in a good company.

Fake friends get envy at your success:

Some people strangely feel good when others feel bad, for some it is enough to be happy just by provoking or insulting others. In fact, there are people who like to see someone fail. If you have a friend of this behavior then this false friendships often end in miserable situations. Do not grieve to lose friends that you never really had. You will meet new people who are happy with you.

Fake friends, on the other hand, will laugh at your goals and try to keep them out of you. They do not rejoice with your success, but are jealous of your courage and your imagination or are even afraid that you will outsmart them. You should never grow and improve with these friends. These fake friends will feel comfortable with us only if we do not overcome them. Any spark of success or overcoming, from your side makes them feel bad, makes them sink into contradiction and discomfort.


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