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Written by on 8th June 2019

Enormous buildings which have a total height of one kilometer was under development in Kuwait, besides Cobra Tower- huge skyscraper was under construction, In Tokyo, they are planning to construct a tower which has an estimated height of four kilometers. Have you ever wondered how impossible things are accomplished in the world? How men change their destiny? How does discovery happen? The answer is simple they all begin in the head of someone. Almost all manmade miracles we see around are the result of some amazing minds. All great things start from the dream of a person, later he shares his dream with others after that it becomes the dream of a group.

The first stage of every great thing happens on a dream level. Then they visualize their dreams, this is an important procedure where all the possibilities and outcomes were analyzed thoroughly in their mind. Through visualization, one gets a rough picture of their dream in reality. When processing images, the brain does not differentiate between reality and imagination. Visualization is a mental imagining of your goal. It is a mental technique. It helps us to create a conscious intellectual and emotional connection to our dream or goal. Make a list of your big wishes and visualize how you live after your wishes are realized. This gives you the idea of how you will feel after your wishes are fulfilled. If you visualize this repeatedly, your frequency of thinking will change permanently. Your thoughts are responsible for everything in your life.

Each and everyone has the mind and the mind has the potential to create something new, this power is divine or it is said that we are the minute particle of universal power. It is important to realize and understand the hidden potential inside you to create everything you want. It may be a new invention in science and technology, creating your business empire or achieving success in life or whatever it may be everything is possible. All you have to do is believe and think about your dream persistently.

Each of us has our own life story to tell. We sail through highs and lows of life that still shape us to this day, although they are also older stories that we have never really processed. As a result, our thoughts are not always positive. We, humans, tend to focus on the negative in life rather than seeing the beautiful and the good that surrounds us. Create what you desire, believe in yourself and look positively in your life. Because positive thoughts attract positive things into your life.

  • There are people who grew up very poor and still very successful. Example: JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books
  • There are people who have gradually freed themselves from the limits others have imposed. Example: Richard Branson
  • There are people who think big and achieve their big goals despite having a serious illness. Example: Stephen Hawking


These people did it because they think big and dreamed big. Successful people set great goals and are convinced that they can achieve them. Thinking big and dreaming costs you nothing, but it only depends on your decision. It is important that you always remain open to new experiences and always looking for a new challenge.


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