‘Global Scholar’ programme for children

Written by on 25th May 2019

‘Global Scholar’ is a Lifeline programme for youngsters in the 12-18 age group. It is held over three days, from 9 am to 5.30 pm or even 6 pm.

At present, Lifeline is undergoing an upgradation, which focuses mainly on putting technology to better use. As a result, registration becomes simple. Aspirants can check the website or call the contact number given there for the purpose.

Exercise and yoga are among the events. The participants need to carry out self-preparation, said Dr Jiji Vijayan, who conducts the Global Scholar programme. A number of practicals are also part of Global scholar and are aimed at boosting the self-confidence of the youngsters.

While arriving for the programme, the children need to bring some items. They include a hand mirror, crayons or colouring pencils, sheet or a yoga mat and a vision board.

The programme helps students maintain calmness during exam time, among other benefits. The youngsters from 12 years are targeted for Global scholar as that is the age when children start thinking independently.

There are several exam-oriented and other programmes aimed at kids. But Global Scholar differs from them all as it focuses on the overall development of the teenagers, with stress on the mind, body and spirit. By addressing the emotional aspect, the programme boosts the self-confidence of kids.

Youngsters have been found to possess multiple intelligence. For instance, while one child may be strong on auditory intelligence, another may excel in visual intelligence. The former may learn quickly simply by hearing a lecture. However, the latter may be able to grasp facts only with the help of visual clues. Global Scholar seeks to identify which category of learner the child is.

The programme also deals at length with some topics that are not taught in school. They are gratitude, forgiveness and love.

Participants can benefit from Global Scholar by de-cluttering their mind. Discussions regarding goals in life also take place. Steps to boost memory would be immensely useful to the youngsters.

Global Scholar lays much stress on interactions. It is not a lecture session but a live and active group celebration, which includes many practicals. In fact, fun is a key ingredient of Global Scholar. Every 30 minutes, a fun-filled session takes place. During this period, the youngsters are shown how to learn through enjoyment.

In short, the caption for Global Scholar could be, ‘Life is easy, Life is fun-filled.’



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