How mercy makes life meaningful?

Written by on 15th May 2019

One of the best presidents of America, Abraham Lincoln once said, “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”.  Mercy is one of the most valuable quality a person should have. In friendship or relationships where people usually experiences mercy. Mercy is a character trait where mistakes are not held up but erased and forgiven. Love and happiness begin when mercy over justice prevails. Everyone needs mercy because we humans stumble and prone to mistakes. Therefore we must be ready to show mercy to others and accept them as the way they are.

Showing compassion to others helps us to live freely and enjoy life at its best without keeping any stains of hatred and resentment in the heart. Many people are reluctant to show mercy because they have not understood the difference between trust and forgiveness. Forgiveness is to let go of the past. Trust, however, refers to future behavior. Forgiveness must be immediate, regardless of whether the other has asked for forgiveness.  Trust must be acquired and built over time.

We all can show kindness to others, even a heartily smile can be a great gift to a stranger and costs you nothing. We sow what we reap; so sow kindness and generosity all around you. Only the strongest person can forgive and show kindness to others. When we empathetically think about others kindness generates in our mind; placing yourself in the situation of others can make you compassionate among the sufferings and feelings of others.

The kid and the starfish:

Once a small kid was playing on the beach while he saw numerous starfishes were carried on the beach by the waves, and they died after a short period. The kids suddenly run toward the shore and began to pick the starfish one by one and throw it back to the sea. An elderly old man was watching the actions of the kid, walks towards him and asked” You can’t save all the starfishes settled on the shore, then why are you wasting your time in doing such a vain thing? The kid replied” I can’t save all of them but can change the fate of a few of them.

This strikes the old man and he also joined the kid to save as many of starfishes they can. Even a small act of kindness has its value and greatness. Everywhere we can do some act of kindness and the needy ones are always around you. Never do actions of kindness in the hope of getting something in return rather do it as a responsibility and service. Kindness boosts your self-esteem, energy level, peace, and happiness.

Kindness will reveal you the real happiness in life. It will help to make life meaningful by eradicating negative thoughts and emotions like hatred, fear, resentment, and anger. If you have kindness in your mind then you won’t be regret for your actions. Never miss an opportunity for showing kindness and mercy; these qualities make your world beautiful and worth living.




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