How to Kill the Negative Thoughts? (Effective Thoughts)

Written by on 16th April 2019

Human mind is a collage of different thoughts. It is said that about 36000 to 60000 thoughts transmit through our mind every day. Most of our thoughts are repeated and closely related to our field of conduct. Here we discuss about unwanted and non-productive thoughts that drag us back form working effectively.

Thoughts arise from the memory of past or emotional feelings. When someone had a stressful childhood, his thoughts may be invoked of he passes through a similar visual or situation. Similarly if someone comes across a celebrative and happy situation, his thoughts remind him every such occasion he had in the past. So, thoughts have a strong bond to our past.

Emotions also ignite thoughts. When one gets sad and worried, may be about his business or family, his mind will transfer through all such incidents he had experienced. By doing all these, our mind shows an interesting tendency to recollect things and match them up in order to find solutions for problems. Say for example, if you have a dispute with your spouse, your mind would be busy in finding similar fights and solutions from the past and solving it for the present. Thoughts are also evolved from sensual feelings; if someone visits a hill station of snow, it regenerates all his thoughts he had when visited such a place last time.

Why We need a Thought Management?

Thought management is a part of future management itself. Normally, thoughts of past and emotions are non-productive and time killing and at the same time, such thoughts shape our destiny and future. So it is highly important that we should change the way of thinking in a progressive manner. As a business man, if we are struck at some point of our business and find no improvement, we can make some experiments in the way of thought processing. We said most of the thoughts are recursive and keeps us stick to the same position and same mood. So we can opt for changing thoughts in any of the following ways or combining all of them.

How to manage thoughts?

Thoughts are in close relationship with the place we live or work. If we do business in a village or small-town, our vision and goal will be limited and we have fewer opportunities. So our thoughts will hang around those limitations and keep us less successful. Better suggestion is, ‘Change the place’. If we move to an urban area or even to a metro city, our thoughts would get limitless features to improve our style and chances of business. Moreover, new places are birthplaces of fresh thoughts.

As a second method, if we are still struck with routine thoughts and dreams, now try to change our friends. It would look like hard, but ultimately it is our own life to suffer. There are friends and relatives who only spread negative thoughts and keep us suppressed and pessimistic. Run away from them immediately and find progressive and optimistic people. If we involve with people who try to earn wealth and prosperity, our thoughts would also be shaped in that way.

Still if you are disturbed by thoughts and it drags you back from success, never sit inert. As we say, lazy mind is the devil’s work shop; it is also the garage of unwanted thoughts. We should keep ourselves engaged with things and work to get rid of such time-killing thoughts. It also increases our working efficiency and working time.


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