How to Focus Thoughts onto Success? (Effective Thoughts)

Written by on 13th April 2019

Assume that we are going to buy a car. We have chosen the brand, model and color of the proposed car and now waiting for the delivery. During this period, if we pass by any car of the same model and color on the road, we will automatically notice them. There are many other cars on the road, but our mind is programmed to find the car we have set in the brain cells. This is due to focusing of mind and thoughts towards a certain goal.

Scientific Base of Exciting Brain cells

Thinking is a method of exciting the basic functional units of brain – the neurons. Brain is the organ does largest volume of work in our body as it always produces thoughts. Our neural system transmits thoughts in the form of electrical impulses both voluntarily and involuntarily. When we think, some of our neurons – the brain cells – get excited. One neuron is in a series connection with another by means of its cell organelles across a gap called synapse. When one neuron is excited with a thought message, it produces some bio-chemical called acetylcholine into the synaptic gap, which in turn excites the next neuron. So, thinking or exciting of brain cells is a mode of programming of brain cells towards a certain objective scientifically. We know that brain signals are transmitted as electrical impulses along the nervous system. So, we are engaged with thoughts, it is like we keep a ten-watt bulb switched on in our brain.

Our mid-brain includes a filter system. As many of two million messages are produced in our nervous system per second, but the filter allows approximately 136 bits per second to pass into the cerebrum, the center of thoughts and imagination. The selection criterion is on the basis of our repeated thoughts and the excited brain cells. For understanding this filtering technique, let’s do a practice. Look around you for ten seconds, and notice as many blue colored objects you see. Now close your eyes and try to remember the white colored objects you saw. Wait, I said white! We will struggle to remember the white colored because our mind was filtered only for blue colored only. That’s why we say, we achieve what we think. In some other words, we are what we thought.

How ‘Focusing’ benefits in Real life?

In business, if we continuously follow inspiring thoughts and think of making money and wealth, our brain cells are excited with these thoughts and they would be gradually programmed to run behind our goal. In order to understand this, let’s take a real time example. Suppose we are thinking of building a house. It’s our long term goal and now we are saving money for achieving it. We think about the house every time, about its plan, about every single corner of the house. Literally, we are living in that house in our mind. Our brain cells are highly excited on these thoughts and whenever we come across something related to the construction of a house, our mind will automatically bond it with our goal. For saying, if we pass by an exhibition of builders and architects, our mind will direct us into that as it comes on sight. Our mind will continuously make us search in internet for low cost building techniques and high durability materials. So, we will go around some involuntary process of achieving our goal.

This thought management is just like we are digging some canals directed into a dam. Just like water from any catchment area runs towards the dam, all of our thoughts, in some way or another, will reach at our goal.


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