How Smart and Sharp win over hard Workers? (Difference between smart work and hard work)

Written by on 13th April 2019

According to the effort involved, work can be divided in three: Hard work, smart work and sharp work. We have too many of people working hard than smart or sharp. But while checking among the winners, smart and sharp workers are the majority. It should be carefully noted that hard workers are miles behind sharp and hard workers in the path of success. In order to convert all hard workers into sharp and smart, let us learn the difference between them.

Hard work: Heavy, Timeless, but no Result

Consider a teacher, who is working hard for better result of his students. He arrange special classes, night classes and doubt clearing sessions and working day and night by taking continuous sessions in the class room. Obviously he is a hard worker, we conclude. But still the results are poor and students score average. Why?

He takes continuous sessions but he use the same old notes of syllabus that he had learned in the school days for the last twenty years of teaching. He repeats the same method of teaching every time and students are not engaged or interested in his class. He is, of course, a hard worker but results won’t come up.

Smart work: Planned, Strategic and Good Result

Another teacher wanted to make his students engaged in his class. He uses advanced technologies such as interactive boards, multimedia class room and practical laboratories. He also refers previous question papers and notes down repeated questions and conduct exams on its basis. He didn’t take too many sessions, but the less he take were effective. Student produces marks and they rise up the result.

Look at his strategy – he was not that hard worker, but he worked smart. He had a clear goal – the result – and he prepared a smart strategy. So, planning and goal make one smart. Smart one can find effortless but efficient ways to success.

Sharp work: Advanced, Updated and more Results

Now we see the third one – the sharp worker. A teacher comes to the class with a lot of new updates every day. He completes the syllabus with the aid of all the advanced tools and technologies, but in addition he collects latest news and approaches in his subject. He knows that the world is dynamic and what we have to study is not the same by next year, and in order to compete with the modern world, we need to advance time to time.

No doubt, his classes will produce results. More than that, his students feel more intimacy with the subject and they become keen to observe the updates and news on it. Some of definitely would choose the subject for higher studies only due to the inspiring sessions of this teacher. He is sharp that he polished his knowledge regularly to become more efficient.

In the field of business, we can see all these three types of businessmen. Some work hard complaining about the shortage of time but still unable to produce deserved results. Some work smart, go with certain plan and clear goals and succeed. Some third category people are thrive to find new ways of making money every day and they will improvise their  tools and capacity from time to time to grab more success.


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