Working Hard but still Hopeless? Now try it this way (Difference between smart work and sharp work)

Written by on 12th April 2019

Here is a story of three brothers who picked cutting woods for living. Let’s name them Hard Cutter, Smart Cutter and Sharp Cutter. As the name indicates, the first man is a hard worker. People saw him set up early with his axe to the woods and return late in the evening. He continuously worked to chop down the woods without rest or hesitation. But he couldn’t find as many trees down up to the hard he work.

The second brother, Mr. Smart Cutter didn’t rise up too early. But he seemed to making some plans of the forest and collecting some of the advanced tools from the market at the evening. He worked four to five hours lesser than the former, but could manage to cut down more trees by the day ends. Now the third one, the Sharp, did spent hours in sharpening his tools, replacing damaged parts and maintaining them. He also found advanced tools from the market, but didn’t spent too many on them. Instead he managed to re-use his tools by better maintenance and it became more enduring. Obviously, he produced better results and earned best among them all.

The story tells us how hard, smart and sharp workers differ from each other. In this highly competitive world, we should develop from hard to smart or sharp for the best. Hard sweetening works are not the indicators of success, and it just wastes the time and effort of manpower.

Smart Work in Every Field

From our surroundings, we can observe how most successful things are done and successful people are evolved. Think of a familiar block buster movie; did it evolve of hard work? Of course, people such as light boys and production crew would have worked hard according to directions. But after all, it is a product of some smart and sharp director and producer who never compromised of quality. The producer studied about the commercial aspects of the film industry, he chose the best technicians, and he analyzed the significance of the story line and invested money wisely. The director developed the complete output in his mind, visualized the script as many times, corrected it, improvised it, chose the suitable actors, scheduled the dates and locations and directed everything according to plan. These smart workers also marketed the movie as it invited the interest of audience. So, the hard workers find fewer successes than the smart and sharp people.

Technology –Sharp and Smart

If we study about the advancement of medical field, we can understand how smartness is applied to the life care. We have only started heart transplantation two decades ago, but now it is done by robotic technology and advanced bio-medical tools. Smart technologies are applied to health care in a short period of time. Doctors don’t surgically open our stomach for removing a kidney stone these days; they do most of the minor surgeries by key-hole nanotechnology.

In business, sharp and smart people spent more time on planning and designing and less on executing the job. So the present world doesn’t appreciate hard workers too much since they don’t make huge changes in the market, but just maintain the momentum of work. Smart entrepreneurs are behind large IT companies, factories and production units. So, in order to achieve success effectively in short time, go working sharp and smart.



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