Programming of Subconscious Mind and Shaping of Character (Know about your subconscious mind block)

Written by on 11th April 2019

When our mind is excited in emotions, such as anger or fear, our conscious mind is switched off and the subconscious mind comes to act. When we suddenly exposed to a frightening thing, we involuntarily call, “Oh, My God!” This reflex statement is a ready-made product of our subconscious mind such that even atheist use it unknowingly. A gentle looking man would act as cheap as he can, when carried out by anger, and sometimes he won’t remember what he told during the course of time. All these happen according to the instructions already programmed in the subconscious mind.

Understanding the Structure of Mind

According to Freud, we have three layers of mind namely conscious, subconscious and unconscious. For the better understanding, we may easily distinguish between them as follows. Conscious mind is when we are awake and fully aware of what we talk and do. Subconscious mind is when we are excited and actions may or may not be in our control, but we can review things we do. We are unconscious when we don’t remember what we have done or what we have dreamed.

Among the three, the conscious and subconscious mind decides how a man could react with others and to situations. In this case, conscious mind does play a minor role, in fact, a passive role in character shaping. Behavior science says that the character of a person is determined by how his subconscious mind is programmed.

How Subconscious Mind is coded?

The programming of our inner mind occurs since the childhood days. On the other hand, childhood is the time when our mind is mostly empty and it is ready to absorb anything from the surroundings. Children learn everything in the form of speech and visual around them, especially from their parents. But childish mind doesn’t have a rational sense to filter the things they exposed to, compared to the matured people. Matured people can filter things and they can decide what to be fed the mind and hence mind-programming is voluntarily done for elders.

We react to emergency situations by the direction automatically generated from our subconscious mind. And these instructions are processed information of the data already fed to our mind during our childhood. An adult can act wisely to a situation when he is conscious. But when he is afraid or angry, his subconscious takes over the control and he reacts according to the instructions from the inner mind.

So, if a person is grown up through a miserable childhood and if he had witnessed to the uncommon and quarrelsome life of his parents, his subconscious definitely has recorded weird conclusions about family relationships and that in turn, reflect in his family life. Similarly, if someone had a humane and generous parents lived happily, his inner mind reproduces such a peaceful life and his character is shaped in a gentle way.


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