Effective Revision Technique for Memory Power (How to use Knowledge)

Written by on 11th April 2019

People, especially students, face a critical problem that they forget things they have studied. If they can’t reproduce the knowledge at the exam paper, the whole year’s process is of no use. How can we train our mind in order to call up everything we have learned? The answer is ‘Effective Revision Technique’.

Well, before we discuss the technique, we should know about our memory potential. We have three types of memory. They are sensory, short-term and long-term or permanent. Let us assess each one of them to see how things work.

Sensory Memory – A flash of Attention:

While driving on across the street, some advertisements are seemed to be easily caught in our eyes. Half-naked bodies of beautiful models, curiosity-rising pictures, etc. are some of them. The memory that recognizes this kind of visuals is our ‘sensory memory’. When analyzing, we can see that retrieval of this visuals are only for a very short time. It just invites our attention and vanishes away from our mind easily when we engage with other things.

Short-term Memory- Student’s Nightmare:

As the name indicates, this memory ends up in a short term. Most people have experienced this. Students can relate with this memory very easily as they find difficulty having a short-term memory. Students feel confident after some sessions, possibly from their favorite teacher, that they have understood every bit of it and they could reproduce it in the exam hall very easily. But after two days, if they try to remember it purposefully, it won’t work.

Permanent Memory – Everything kept inside:

Finally, it’s our Permanent memory – the third one. Literarily it is the only ‘memory’ and the others are just illusions that we remember something. Brain cells encrypt the unforgettable on this memory cells, and they are easily retrievable at any instant of time. But it’s not that easy to copy things on to this folder, especially when we are learning a tough chapter. Or even the best lesson we are taught, are being erased easily after a span of passive time.

Revision technique – Feel its Magic:

But we can overcome the adverse effect of short term memory very easily. The trick is nothing but repeat. Once you have studied the lessons, go through it before you sleep, once again read it the next morning, revise it every day and finally it will fix in your mind. If your reading a text book, try to highlight the lines you may fear forgetting, and turn the pages every day, find the highlighted and it is easily stored in.

How long would it take to revise things we have already learnt? Not more than ten to fifteen minutes. And if we carry on this every day, the effective revision time reduces and our permanent memory can absorb as many lessons as possible.

So, every student should practice this mind empowering technique, is as discussed above, go repeating. Read the lesson the same day you have been taught it. Try to remember just before you sleep. Again, refresh it the next morning you wake up. Continue the process for a long time, and the exams are yours!If we do the practice, we remember at least a 70% of it even after decades.


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