Types of Memory and Need of Training (Tips to increase Human Memory)

Written by on 10th April 2019

People use to say, “I did learn well, but I have a bad memory”. Students face this scenario of ‘bad memory’ during school days. Someone gets appreciated for good memory, and someone disqualified for bad memory, don’t they? But there is no such good and bad memory if we examine in detail. It is a matter of how we train our memory. So in such a case, there are only two types of memory – Trained and Untrained.

 Understanding the Types of Memory

  • Sensory memory

Sensory memory is associated with sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. While driving on across the street, some advertisements are seemed to be easily caught in our eyes. Half-naked bodies of beautiful models, curiosity-rising pictures, etc. are some of them. The memory that recognizes this kind of visuals is our ‘sensory memory’. When analyzing, we can see that retrieval of this visuals are only for a very short time. It just invites our attention and vanishes away from our mind easily when we engage with other things.

  • Short-term Memory

As the name indicates, this memory ends up in a short term. Most people have experienced this. We watch a movie or attend a class and the memory of this last for a few hours or a day. Sometimes have you wondered that a movie looks fresh for you even though you watch it for the second or third time? It’s because we haven’t done a revision of that movie or session purposefully. Short-term memory is worst kind faced by students during exam days.

  • Permanent Memory

Finally, it’s our Permanent memory – the third one. We remember long-term or life time. Literarily it is the only ‘memory’ and the others are just illusions that we remember something. Brain cells encrypt the unforgettable on this memory cells, and they are easily retrievable at any instant of time. But it’s not that easy to copy things on to this folder, especially when we are learning a tough chapter. Or even the best lesson we are taught, are being erased easily after a span of passive time.

How to Convert Short-term Memory into Long-term?

It requires certain amount of training to convert the short-term memory into permanent memory. Consider we have to learn from a 300 pages book. But in fact, there are only 50 to 60 points out of that book we need to keep for future. So just note down or highlight those points only and read it every day unless you find they are set permanently and easily retrievable. This is nothing but simple revision technique. The things we learn have to be revised in twenty-four hours of time, then the next day and the day after. What time may this revision consume?  It will be ten to twenty minutes at the beginning and just a couple of minutes at the end as we practice.  If we need to go to some advanced level, try to teach these points to some classmate so that both of the two get benefitted. There no better technique than teaching to train our own memory.


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