A Case Study on how childhood shapes Subconscious Mind (Know about your subconscious mind block)

Written by on 10th April 2019

While discussing about how childhood memories play an important role in shaping subconscious blue prints in human mind, let’s access through an example of a divorce case of a couple came into notice recently. A girl, who was well-educated, promisingly employed and lived in Banglore got married with a young IT professional of the same city. They lived a happy life until something unusual came up with the girl’s behavior.

The case: As it happens in any family

One day, the young couple decided to hang around in the city in the evening and possibly to call at the movies. The girl got ready early and was waiting for her husband, who was out for his job. But, he didn’t arrive on time, or even after a couple of hours. She called him over phone, but he didn’t attend. Their plan was obviously collapsed and at last he arrived at late night. The girl was angry indeed, but her way of response was surprising and horrible. She didn’t even give ear to his excuses, but suddenly burst out in anger and began to curse him in a very bad way. She appeared strange and frightening to him. She cursed him with as many abusive words, and the young man had not seen her in that way before.

He, the husband, had a busy and challenging task at the office, as his American client’s website was down for a while. He and his team needed to fix the issues at immediate concern, or else they might lose their foreign franchise. He wanted to convey this to his wife, but she didn’t want to hear anything. During the dispute at home, he noticed that she didn’t address the present disappointment she had about the outing, but she shout and abuse him as if she lost everything in her life. She seemed to be driven by some unconscious prejudiced thoughts and concerns.

Unfortunately, this incident repeated once or twice again over some of the similar solvable issues, and it led the man to slap her to make her shut. Obviously, the case ended in a divorce petition despite of the efforts of the two families and friends to stick them together.

The cause: Not too Odd

While the girl attended a counseling session, she was psychologically examined to derive the reason behind her strange acts when angry. It led to some of her past memories about their parents. Her father was a drunkard who used to come home late and drunken always fought up with her mother for no reason. He pulled his wife over the floor, beat her and broke things at home. Her mother was helpless and worried about her life always. She used to curse his husband loud and desperate, abused him off his character and behavior.

She, the girl, who was a child of three or four that time, witnessed everything at this young age and her subconscious mind absorbed those visuals and words as records. Children’s minds of this age won’t filter or rationalize things, but just grasp them. As the time went on, her father became ashamed of his character and changed promisingly. They had a good family life then on. She got educated, secured good scores and placed directly from campus in an American Company.

But still, her childhood images remained there in her subconscious as the unfiltered blue prints of husband-wife relationship. When she happened to go through such a situation, her subconscious mind matched up it with the olden memories and she did immediately transformed to his mother. That’s why she went on abusing and scolding unusually over her husband.


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