How to train Mind by Visualization and Affirmation?

Written by on 9th April 2019

Let us see how we can enhance our capabilities and talents so that we achieve our goal in expected time. People face many hurdles in the way to success such as constrained time, poor skills, less availability of resources, lack of clarity and uncertainty. All these can be avoided effectively by two mind-powering tools – visualization and affirmation.

Visualization – Aiming the Big

Visualization is the process of formation of the mental image of something. More specifically, it is the way of viewing what is about to happen in future before it begins. In a wide angle, it is the method of creating future in advance in the inner mind. If a person tries to become an entrepreneur, he could visualize himself as an entrepreneur within him. Say for another one, we need to build a house. Let us enable our mind to visualize the house we are about to build and feel it with ever senses. We should feel how it could be if we stay inside the house, how wonderful it would be if someone appreciate the way it is built, and how happy could be our life in that house with family. Everything we visualize in our mind is repeatedly grasped by our subconscious mind and it can reproduce the thoughts into actual practice.

While visualizing things, add some emotional intensity to it. It can be explained with an example. A child wishes to become doctor in future. She hadn’t even completed her school, but still she can dream her walking around the hospital attending patients. She smiles at sleep watching that people price her service and skills to save life. This ability to visualize the satisfaction is the high-level of emotional intensity.

Affirmation – reminding the Aim

Another one tool along with visualization is affirmation. It is the action or process of assuring something. They are simple, short and believable self-statements. We need to write down our affirmation about the achievement of our goal and recite it every day. If we talk to our mind repeatedly on our affirmation, we can control our thoughts on its way. People find more interested in employing others to take care of our affirmation. Why do we pay for adoration in temple and assign the priest to pray for us? Praying is useful, of course, because we repeat our wish in our mind is some kind of affirmation. But what is the use in someone else praying for us? So recite affirmation by oneself, and it will train one’s subconscious mind.

What are the general affirmations? ‘I will do it if I decide something’; ‘I will complete what I start’; ‘I am brave enough to do things’ and many more. Repeating all these is process of setting things on target. If someone teaches his mind that he is brave, he becomes brave automatically.

We would be surprised if we really met with the outputs of mind-powering. By the duo tools – visualization and affirmation – thoughts are set in a way of our goal and what we only need is to water it every day to grow. Weight lifters tell their mind that they can lift the biggest, before they actually attempt it. Mountaineers affirm themselves that they can step on to the tallest of the mountain. Yogis in Vedic times did miracles with the controlled powers of mind. They lived without consuming food for years.


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