Types of Inspirations and its Need (How can you always be motivated?)

Written by on 6th April 2019

The path to your dreams won’t be always smooth, sometimes spotted with mountains to climb; obstacles to overcome. It will make you feel like quitting a number of times. Just remember this: Anything worth doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up. Keep motivated always.

A clear goal, hard work and inspiration will do the job for success. Let’s see how inspiration works. If we have scheduled something within a time to finish, and we have some inspiration to do it would be happily finished in the limit of time. Inspiration begins from positive thoughts and optimistic approach. Those who failed once and accept failure as his destiny won’t have a success. But ask the winners, they would have a story of failures from which they always used to awake and run again. Success is for those inspired minds who never give up trying.

Two types of Inspirations

We can classify the inspiration into two- extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic inspiration is something we absorb or adopt from others or from the outside world, while the intrinsic inspiration is some state we create within our mind.

When he was counting his last minutes of his life, Guru Hasan’s disciples gathered around his bed and felt very sad watching their Guru dying. Sufi Hasan told them that he was not dying but just attaining immortality.  That’s how great gurus are – they themselves become inspiration to their followers even at the crucial time of their life.

In this way people can model themselves as inspirations to others, which come under extrinsic inspiration. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Lincoln and many more eminent personalities became motivation from time to time for many.

Light up from Inner-mind

One day, Hasan asked a girl with a lamp in her hand, “Where does this light come from?” The girl surprisingly blew out the lamp and replied, “Tell me where it has gone. It came from the same place.” Hasan realized not to test anyone’s knowledge for fun which may, in turn, make us speechless sometimes.

The girl got a mind rationally and logically empowered. Such inspiration to face any question or to meet with any hard circumstances comes from internal strength. We can stay inspired from inside by acquiring knowledge and training our mind. We should keep a mind-set such that it doesn’t love to fail and consistently renovating.

Inspiration can come from experiences also, sometime not from ours but by observing others. Before entering into a task, keen people study others who have already gone through it. They observe their success codes and failure lessons to get inspired within them. Similarly, we get inspired by words of veterans who were already there in our sector of business.


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