How Motivation works on Individuals? (How can you always be motivated?)

Written by on 5th April 2019

‘Motivation’ is derived from the word ‘motive’ which means desires, wants or needs within the individuals. It is a method of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. Motivation, indeed, is an expertly action by studying the mental, financial and emotional aspects of a person and make him think that he can do things.

Motivation paves the way and lights it up

A blind man was walking along the road at night carrying a lamp on his hand. A man got surprised to see him and asked, “What is your need of a lamp, because you don’t see things in either way?”

The blind replied, “I am very much familiar to walk through this darkness, But I hold this to let others see me at night so as no one should come and hit me.” Inspiration is like this lamp hold by the man. It won’t let us fall or let anything to hit us in the darkness. Most of all, it lights up everything around us.

Motivation empowers us to Challenge

Once, a great guru was greeting farewell for his disciple to whom he had taught all the lessons. While the disciple walked away from his guru in the night holding a lamp and wishing good bye to him, guru voluntarily blow off his lamp. Disciple asked in a shock, “guru, why did you do this?”

Guru said, “You have acquired all knowledge and wisdom from me and it is like this light of the lamp. See, you have to learn to walk in darkness without this lamp too. Because, my lessons won’t help you some time. You have to find your own light”. And that light is inspiration.

Motivation Everywhere!

We have many choices this technologically equipped world to get inspiration. YouTube videos and blogs keeps people engaged and they find their way in different aspects. Get inspired from anywhere seems good for you and move towards success.

Aromatherapy is way of awakening our positive cells through smell. It’s a kind of inspiration as we get motivated by good music. Some people are easily motivated by speeches. That’s why we have motivated speakers. Some others are inspired from movies. ‘My Name is Khan’ and ‘Thare Zameen per’ had certainly influenced our attitude towards differently abled people in our society.

Visualization of future is another kind of inspiration. We can prepare our vision board watching it every day will inspire us to start it fresh and energetic. The strong tool of inspiration is our past success. Whenever you are about to face a difficult situation, think about some of the past victories you have made. Your own stories will inspire you than anything else. Above all, the biggest motivation is our desire to win and achieve prosperity. We should continuously keep us mind unsettled unless we reach our goal and finish our task.



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