How to Set a Family-model to Children? (Role Model for children)

Written by on 20th March 2019

A well-heard tale comes in use here. A man who is living along with his old father felt constrained with his life as he couldn’t do anything independently. In fact he was bored of waiting to get his father died. At last he decided to bury the old man alive and began to dig a pit. While he was digging, his young son came and watched it and suddenly the little boy started to dig another pit as he could at a corner.

Curious man asked his child why he was digging. The child answered, “You dig it for my grandpa, and I do it for you”. This small but heart-touching story describes how important is setting example for children. The gratitude we show to our parents in presence of our children is the same we get in our olden ages. It is obvious that we are responsible for converting our children as a social man or a social nuisance.

What to Set as Model?

It would be very silly things that strike children’s consciousness and make huge impact towards their rest of the life. Say for example, a child observes how his father or mother make excuses, tell lies or adjust situations to manage something and they believe it is the way of practice. Value of promises, importance of keeping the time and being loyal are some of the best lessons we can spread among your children.

Consider a nuclear family of a couple of children, a husband and his wife. All inter personnel exchanges are always in observation. The boy child observes how his father treats his mother, what importance his mother gets in his family and so on. If the husband is always complaining about his wife, their son gets a wrong message that women are less important and suppressible. Misogyny and monarchy develop from the family. A girl child is always keen about how her mother treats her father.

So, believe that our every action and every word are counting and your miniature units are capturing all these inputs to practice in their own life. How many times we have heard people complaining about children that it is the fault of their parent in bringing them up! It is a fact that bringing someone up is a strategic procedure especially when they are our children and we are responsible.

Children watch, Children Act:

A person is more responsible as a parent than being an independent individual. Self-control is the first lesson we should consider to teach our children. We can’t teach it as a lesson, but instead we should show it when needed. Children grow up as frustrated individuals if their parents always use to quarrel between them in front of the children. Self-control is the primary thing we should adopt to face a critical situation. It is about believing there is always a solution and not to get exploded in anger.

We would have not been trained to become successful individuals in our childhood, but here we have a chance to bring up with our children. It is not the amount of money you spent to bring up your children make him a responsible individual, but the character you molded in them.


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