Importance of shifting your paradigm

Written by on 14th March 2019

Wikipedia defines a paradigm as the set of beliefs and agreements shared by scientists or philosophers, who guide research, identify problems and indicate what is acceptable as a result. A paradigm is a belief that formed as a result of our subconscious programming, which controls our way of thinking and actions.

A paradigm is a paradigm only because it is shared by the majority of people from the same community. Thus following a paradigm generates a feeling of comfort: The fact of putting rules in our thoughts allows us to be in a situation of comfort, well being. Changing paradigms is often important to achieve great things and finding new opportunities in troublesome situations.

How to shift your paradigm:

To shift your paradigm, first of all, you must change your point of view by changing your looks; that is you have to change the thoughts about the situation you would like to improve. You have to think out of the box to find solutions.

  • To change a situation you are involved, you have to change your behavior within this situation.
  • To change a behavior, you have to modify your attitude toward the situation.
  • To change your attitude, you must change your point of view on the situation.
  • Strongly desire the long term benefits of good habit versus the habit you want to change, visualize the pleasure of living with the good habit you want to acquire.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind; the old beliefs and thinking pattern you gathered from your childhood days play a major role in your life. Your life is running by this program and once you change this belief system great things came to your life.
  • Always look for the positive side of a person or incident; for example, many people have a concept in their mind that others don’t like them or plotting to harm them actually this is a form of paranoia. There is an effective method to cope this situation in mind power training; its reverse paranoia- instead of thinking others are trying to harm you reverse your thinking pattern that other people are looking to help you and understand the fact every person has at least one good quality in them. This sort of paradigm shift about others enables you to find their positive side and helpful in loving others sincerely.
  • Positive Affirmations.
  • Practice Mindfulness and Meditation.
  • Gratitude and Empathy.


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