Steps to Defeat Anger (Tips to Overcome Anger)

Written by on 11th March 2019

Every one of us had faced the disadvantages or short-comings of anger at least once on our life. We might have lost our beloved once, we might have missed our opportunities, we may have cornered as over-reactive at public, or we might have faced physical and mental strain by ourselves. Here we discuss about some important techniques to overcome anger and to make your life smooth and happy.

  1. Understand the Anger:

Anger is not only en emotion, but a combination of series of biological actions followed by physical reactions. You will feel the anger once it comes to you as shivering, reddish face and eyes or the tendency to clenching hands and gritting teeth. Blood circulation will increase, heart and lungs starts to beat hard – realize it you are angry and you have more things not to do than to do.

  1. Take deep Breaths:

Your body is undergoing a series of malfunctions and hence it needs more and more energy to overcome. So provide enough oxygen to every cells and tissues to reproduce energy by metabolic reactions. Taking deep breaths not only enhance oxygen level, but also give us time to think and analyze the situation.

  1. Walk or Listen to Music:

Take a few steps around and relax yourself or give ear to some of your favorite tracks. It will keep you away from the motive to explode in anger. Think about your loved ones, the most important people of your life and show how grateful you are to have them.

  1. Don’t take decisions:

See, you are angry and not in a right condition to make decisions. You can’t rationally think about the after effects so don’t take any decisions on anger or don’t ever give any assurance or promise in anger. Major metabolic energy is controlling the body cells, and there is less activity at brain cells now and it won’t properly work.

  1. Less Noise – People around us:

It is a natural tendency to enhance our sound when we are angry. Just a minute, you will become relaxed in some time, but the words you spelled reach in all others around you unwantedly and they won’t forget it. T will spoil your respect and character, and hence keep your voice in your control.

  1. Evaluate the situation:

There must be a valid or invalid reason for your anger. Evaluate the situation very well and sometimes the reason would be a silly one that won’t be remembered later. Some people used to say they remember the time they fought, but not exactly knowing what for. The situation is that silly and if not, there would be solutions for any problems.


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