The Outcomes of Anger (Tips to Overcome Anger)

Written by on 9th March 2019

Buddha was calmly sitting at his ashram when one person visited him, who was unsatisfied and angry on Buddha’s motives, began to abuse Buddha with bad words. All his disciples were watching, but Buddha sat calm and quite, smiling at the person who was scolding loud and as abusively as he could. After he ended up scolding, Buddha thanked him with the same smile. The abuser returned disappointed finding none of his words affected Buddha.

Watching all this one disciple asked, “Why didn’t you even react to him? Instead, you thanked him on all these abuses”.

Buddha replied, “Dear, I was so happy that, thanks to him, I have passed the test of anger. I could control my mind and body out of temper and it is the best thing I can acquire.”

Anger is an uncontrollable emotion in most of the people and we may have faced many difficult situation adversely affected us and our friends and relatives due to anger. Let’s see in detail about the roots and causes of anger.

Anger – Early Studies:

Famous Roman philosopher Annaeus Seneca was the first person who analyzed and studied about anger during first century A.D. Claudius Galenus, often called as Galen, a Greek physician and philosopher made detailed experiments on anger as an emotion, how it originates and how it impacts. It shows that people had started to study about character analysis and improvisations even from ancient times.

Peter Favaro, an independent researcher in Psychology had widely explained about anger management in his books. Another notable work is of June Crawford’s on this anger and anger management topics.

‘Anger Management’ is a 2003 Hollywood film directed by Peter Segal. It is a pure comedy entertainer deals how young man Dave Buznik (starring Adam sandler) manages anger at his office and at his personnel premises.

Some recent research report on anger reveals an interesting factor. If some angry person cooks some food, an element of anger may be transferred to those who eat it. In Vedas, it’s been used to say that never be angry with the one who makes food.

Where does Anger Hit?

Let’s assess from our experience, how the anger hit us. First reaction is seen on our body that it is heated up, blood circulation enhances, and mind and body coordination fails, and so on. Literally, it will affect all metabolic activities. Angry men are sleeping less, they feel uncomfortable with others won’t wake up early and they undergo a series of troubles.

Anger enhances the disease of an ill-person. It diminishes the sexual activities. Food won’t be digested properly. And the total biological clock of a man would collapse. We have just come across some of the physical impacts, but the social impact of anger is huge and more miserable – believe it, some unwanted angers lead to wars genocides.


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