Types of Anger and its Effects (Tips to Overcome Anger)

Written by on 8th March 2019

Buddha said that anger is a kind of act that we take some hot cinder with our bare hands and through it on others. Who get more injured? Of course, it’s our bare hands only. Anger does have the same unpleasant impact more on the angry, less on the others.

A person is angry on someone or at something, is also a social burden, if he doesn’t control his emotions. They act before they think. They give ear to no one. They make decisions and cut relationships for the moment of ego. And if the angry is the dominant, it dangerously affects everyone around him, everyone depend him and everyone look for him.

Indicators of Anger:                                         

Anger can be identified on a person by his body reactions. Some people speak loud and move faster when they are angry. They listen nothing and ignore others. Red face and eye, muscle tension, teeth gritting and clenched hands are some of the anger indicators. Some become violent and starts to through things around, breaks glasses and beat others.

Short-tempered people are more sensitive to small situations which may raise their anger. If you are not served tea on time, your children don’t score well in exams, and if you are not satisfied at office – all these situations are anger-raisers in many people.

Some after Effects of Anger:

Frustrating conclusions about oneself like we are inefficient or unable is a psychological outcome of anger. Doubting others, disbelieving others and disrespecting others are characteristic anger outcomes. All these can lead to depression which is the result of the malfunctioning of our endocrine system during the time of emotional imbalance.

Anger turns people violent and they feel increased physical strength for a matter of time and acts without logically thinking the after effects. Their natural responses to situations are shuffled and even the loved-ones keep distance from them.

Anger Shatters Life and Relations:

Anger can alter the financial stability of a person that he act without thinking. We spent money for unwanted things, show less interest on work, deal negatively with clients and never reach our targets. A pleasant and polite showroom boy is a hundred times more efficient than an arrogant and unpleasant business head. Rational thinking is out of order due to anger and business plans collapse before actualization.

There is a sort of selective angriness in some people. They may be angry only with their spouse, or only with their employees, or with some specific people. This is also inappreciable that the negative spark during each conversation or act keep our mind down and it reflects in every other field of life.

Socrates once said that we should express anger. Passive anger, which is kept inside, is more dangerous. He said we should express anger in right way to the right person at the right time through right method. Some other kind is the anger comes deliberately. A traffic police gets angry on drivers to run traffic gently, teacher become angry on their students to make them learn. In any form, anger is not justified. It always does produce a negative result.


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