How emotionally healthy are you ?

Written by on 1st March 2019

Emotional health is related to how well we know and handle our emotions – both types, both positive (love, joy, hope, good mood) and negative (hate, anger, jealousy, guilt, envy), An emotionally healthy person is one who has learned to understand and accept himself and others. Your emotional health is the direct reflection of your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

One should take care of their emotions and feelings because they are too powerful enough to create physical illness. Sometimes our thoughts adversely affect our health and impair our judgments following story will give you a brief idea.

A Factory worker and the freezing unit:

A man works as a cleaning staff in a large factory. One day he went to work and that day he has to clean the storage room with a large freezing unit in it. He starts his work and at the evening some other workers came across the storage room and find the door of the storage room was open, they closed the door without knowing there was a man cleaning inside. The man after sometime finished cleaning the room saw the door was locked from outside.

He started to shout and knocked on the door hardly but unfortunately, no one was there to hear his voice. Because the working hours were over and every worker left the factory. Hours pass by and the cold began to attack him. He began to make some more attempts and realized that no one is going to save him. As time move on cold began to penetrate through his muscles and bones, he saw death in front of him, without any other options he was willing to accept his death. He writes the final message to his wife and kids on the wall. Next day some people came and opened the door. They find the worker freezes to death.

The amazing twist in this story is the people who opened the door were engineers who came to repair the freezing unit which was failed a couple of days ago. How the man gets killed by a nonworking freezing unit? How did he feel the cold which actually didn’t exist? The answer is he already knows that the storage room is a cold room and he accepts the cold in his mind and began to feel it. He died believing that the cold was going to end his life.

Emotional health and our physical mood were closely connected. Emotions are considered the same as other pathogenic factors.  In contrast to the external pathogenic factors such as wind, moisture, cold, heat, drought or summer heat, which first have to overcome our defence system to make us sick but emotions are created directly within our body. Our body cannot protect itself against these internal pathogenic factors. Here only we ourselves can take active measures to counteract the damaging influence of emotions: with positive feelings and beliefs.


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