How to Develop Positive attitude?

Written by on 26th February 2019

The positive attitude is actually a collection of believes. It includes analyzing the strength and weakness of ourselves and the people around us. It relies on counting possibilities and impossibilities. It is all about thinking all is for good. Such continuous thoughts form a belief and the belief may shape attitude. In turn, this positive attitude may give rise to a chain of thoughts.

A most-told story of attitude could do some business here. Bata, the famous shoe brand sent two marketing agents independently to some African country in order to check their business possibilities there. One went there and found the people are all bare-footed and no one had heard of any such brands. He reported his firm that no business can be done there because nobody wears a shoe. At the same time, a report from the other agent came like this, “None of the countrymen use footwear, and if we introduce and teach them how to use this, we have a huge market here”. This is a positive attitude.

Positive is mind, so as the body:

Observe someone you felt always positive. They walk erect, keep eye contact straight sit calm and talk gently. This all because of their thoughts are positive believe the system is perfect. Emotional guidance system plays a vital role in shaping character. People think always positive and charming can find happiness in anything and everything around them.

Some disciple asked his great guru, at the occasion of his wife’s funeral, “Guru, how do you stay calm and relaxed when most people break down in such situations?

Guru replied, “Why should I feel bad? See my wife is no longer mortal now and she has attained the supreme immortality. Isn’t this a reason to be happy?”

Like this, happiness is not supplied but it is made within people. A person with an unsatisfied mentality can never be happy in anything. But an optimistic man can find happiness even in nothing.

War is never a scenario of happiness as we know. But people of attitude can imagine in peace that may arise after the war and they stay happy. We should develop a thought pattern dominant with a positive attitude to attain such emotional stability.

Every moment is useful:

We may have heard people saying their years had no use spending in a college or University. Do they really mean it? We couldn’t say that any time interval is bad. Though the time we spent somewhere may haven’t gone as expected, there must be something else we have extracted from the experience which is a guideline for our further life. Similar is the time we spent with some people. No people are useless or worthless. There is always something to absorb –what to do and what not- from people all around us.

The body language of winners is a wide subject to observe with. Watch the supreme administrators like prime minister or any such person walking or stepping on to an aeroplane. They seem to be always in a hurry and they have no time to spare with. Such an energetic and charming body language is the result of a positive attitude.

Such administrative people never ask negative questions to any. They never ask what you can’t do, instead, use to inquire what you are capable of. They always ask for solutions, not for alternatives.


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