How to accomplish your 2019 goals – Part 2

Written by on 31st January 2019

This year we have 12 months in front of us to achieve our goals and dreams. Write down your goals in a book and plan them step by step. Use the powerful DVBPA formula for the fulfilment of your goal. (D-Dream-Visualization, B-Believe, P-Planning, A-Action) Here are some tips and instructions which help in accomplishing your 2019 goals.

Set your priority: What things you value most in your life. Most of us health must be our top priority so take appropriate actions which keep you healthy. Second priority must be career growth and relationship, so implement steps to be more successful in career and develop a strong bond in a relationship. Be 100 per cent truthful and sincere towards your priorities. Always set your priority in yearly, monthly and daily basis.

Gratitude:  Always keep gratitude for the good things you had received in the life and to the people who help and motivates you. Keeping gratitude in our mind gives the energy to do more and accomplish goals.

Learn a new skill: Always be passionate about learning something new every day; you can read books, attend seminars and workshop, join a class or taking online course etc. Always be curious about collecting new information and knowledge. The benefits you reap from these are beyond the limit of money.

List out the positive change: Think about all the positive changes you had made in your life so far and get encouraged from your achievements. List out all the positive changes you are hoping to happen this year. We have good and bad qualities. If we let some bad habits go, then only new good habits develop in you. Bad qualities are, talking unnecessary, oversleeping, wasting time etc. Bad qualities must be pushed out and welcome good qualities to your life. Examples of good qualities are keeping your word and promises, punctuality and self-discipline. Your mind will grow only if you feed it daily with positive thoughts and new ideas.

Give your maximum output: Whatever you do dedicate your full potential and effort on it. Don’t try to be a perfectionist but implement every possible thing you can do to make it perfect.

Always track your journey: Always track your milestones this helps you to discover how far you reach from your starting point. Tracking your success highly motivates you to the fulfilment of a goal. It’s normal to have setbacks and failures but don’t ever give up always get up and move towards your destination.

Minimize distraction:  Focus completely on your goals and avoid distractions and people which may ward off from your desired goal. If required don’t hesitate to get support from others and select good partners who can motivate and uplift you. Leverage your success to others also. Always keep consistency in your actions. Don’t forget the value of Integrity.

Support Others: Always consider others to be part of your success. If you can motivate others to do it. If you need appreciation, the best way to get is to appreciate others. If you need support then support others. You can easily find it’s basically a give and take policy.

So follow these instructions, set your goal and work towards the fulfilment. Wish you all the best in achieving your goals and dreams.


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