How to accomplish your 2019 goals

Written by on 30th January 2019

2018 just passed us, just analyze about how was the past year for you? What are the achievements you had made and what are things you missed in your life? Find out the reasons and solutions. Every New Year comes with new hope. Let’s start your new year with new goals and dreams. Here we are discussing the instructions for accomplishing your goals for 2019. All you need is a book and a pen. Start by revising what is my life been like over the past 12 months? What are the things gone well and what went wrong? There is a powerful formula for achieving any of your goals. The formula is DVPBA




B- Believe


According to this formula, first of all, you must have a great dream. If you have a dream visualization about this dream is already achieved, just experience and feel your dream. The third part is planning your dream. Planning must be done step by step in paper similar to the blueprint of a building. After this, believe in your dream completely say yourself that you can achieve your dream and I have the potential to accomplish it. It is important to commit yourself completely for the dream. Finally, Action is unavoidable for the fulfilment of your dream; you must act on your dream.

Identify your exact goal:

You must identify what exactly you want? What is your desired success? How much progress do you wish to bring to your career, studies, health, relationship etc? If you want to make progress in your health, its necessary to follow a healthy diet and maintain fitness by doing exercise. Only 1 percentage of people are really successful in their life, the remaining 99 percentages don’t succeed because they don’t know the secret of success. To be a success in life is not a one day process but it demands long term commitment, patience and perseverance.

Change Your Habits and Behavior: We can be successful by following the habits of successful people. Reading books and speeches of successful people helps you to identify the habit of successful people. Always keep a positive attitude toward life and be optimistic about everything.


Try to maintain a good friendship and develop tightly bond relationship with family and friends. Also be enthusiastic in charity and spiritual activities. Reading holy books like the Bible, Quran, Gita and teachings of Buddha, Taos, and Confucius may give you new insight and meaning of life.

Positive Environment:

Creating a positive environment is vital for achieving success. Disassociate yourself from all the negative environment and people who exhaust your energy.  Write down your goal on a vision board and paste it on a place you can see always. Vision board helps to stimulate your subconscious mind and accelerate the fulfilment of the goals.

Comfort Zone:

Comfort zone is known as killing zone, it will slowly kill your potential and skills. Stepping out of your comfort zone always helps to identify your potential and success. So get out of your comfort zone and discover new people, places, experiences and opportunities.


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